Woman Dies After Collapsing at Coachella…

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The sad reality today is that many large festivals come hand-in-hand with tragedy. From SXSW to Ultra, deaths have been occurring at major music festivals.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter says 24 year old Kimchi Truong has died after collapsing at Coachella week one.

Trung collapsed at the festival and was taken to JFK Hospital and Desert Regional Medical center where she died.

Goldenvoice, the company behind Coachella, said it was an “apparent drug overdose”. However, the Riverside County sheriff-coroner’s office won’t know the cause of death for up to six weeks.

Goldenvoice said:

“We believe this to be an unfortunate but isolated incident. Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends.”

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11 Responses

  1. GGG

    Welp, shut down Coachella for good, right Paul?

    Can’t have tens of thousands of people to enjoy live music when one girl is irresponsible with drugs. Punish them all!

    • Paul Resnikoff

      One death is too many, anywhere, but SXSW suffered multiple deaths and critical injuries to more than two dozen attendees. It is likely a ticking time-bomb for something similar in the future, though it is unclear if any changes have been implemented.

      But keep shouting me down on the suggestion that SXSW should have taken more than a 5 minute moment of silence to assess that situation.

      • HenrySays

        The deaths and injuries at SXSW would have occurred regardless of whether the festival was taking place. The driver was not there for SXSW and Austin is consistently packed with people downtown partying. To suggest SXSW is somehow responsible for this and or should have done something differently is ignorant. It seems you have an axe to grind with SXSW for some other reason, maybe because they don’t take you seriously.

        • Me

          Actually, the driver was there for the festival. He had a performance that night.

      • Willis

        So, if someone dies at a Ralph’s should the chain shut down? Cmon, now, let’s get real. People have to take personal responsibility for their actions. Deaths can happen anywhere. Blaming the venue is a sad answer.