This Film by Record Label 100% Silk Combines Dance Music and Contemporary Dance…

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Record label 100% Silk has added their new film, Silk, to Tugg. The Tugg platform allows fans to become promoters of the films that they want to see. Registered users pick a film, a partnered theater in their area, and a screening date. Tugg works with the theater on the logistics, and the user works on promoting the film. If a certain number of pre-sale tickets are sold the film will screen and the “promoter” gets 5 percent of all sales.

Silk presents an interesting new take on the tour documentary, so it makes sense that they would explore a new way of setting up their screenings.

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For the film, 100% Silk sent four of their acts on tour — LA Vampires, Ital, Magic Touch, and Maria Minerva — and documented it from an expressionistic standpoint rather than a journalistic one. 100% Silk has made their mark on today’s underground dance music scene; fittingly, their film is similar to a house music album, with buildups, breakdowns, and recurring motifs.


The label says “SILK as a film seeks to reflect both the ambiguous daily realities of the label as well as the fantastical visions underpinning its inspirations“.

The film includes seven dance sequences by Mecca Vazie Andrews and the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company.Each dance is designed to visually articulate the personal philosophies and emotional aesthetics of the artists, while also exploring the pop-cultural iconography of the music itself.”

If you’re interested in seeing Silk you can set up your own screening through Tugg. I’m definitely going to try and get a screening set up in Arizona.

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