Indie Record Stores Sold Over 2000% More Vinyl Than Usual on Record Store Day….

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Record Store Day has now passed. The unofficial holiday took place on Saturday, April 19th. The main goal of RSD is to boost independent record stores, so how did it do?

Border City Media worked with Record Store Day to track sales with BuzzAngle Music, a new in-depth music analytics service. The service is supported by CIMS, DRS, AIMS, and the Music Business Association.

Border City Media says BuzzAngle “provides web and mobile access that give a comprehensive view of music consumption through a series of reports and dashboards, which include analytics on the sales, streaming and airplay activity of albums, songs and artists. This can be further stratified by a multitude of filters, including a specific day/timeframe or a specific geography. Distributor and Label Dashboards will show market share by an individual or a combination of elements (sales, streaming, airplay, etc.) further filtered by timeframe, genre and geography.

BuzzAngle can track sales on a daily basis. The company says that previously, industry sales could only be tracked on a weekly basis. They collected data from StreetPulse and new handheld scanners for these RSD stats. A dozen indie record stores that hadn’t previously reported to data pools used these scanners.

Border City Media’s Founder and CEO, Jim Lidestri, says:

“Data that can only show week-over-week activity and use estimates and extrapolations to size sales are not acceptable in the current marketplace. It makes it particularly difficult to measure the true impact of Record Store Day…”

The service is currently in beta, they expect a full launch at the end of Summer, 2014.

Now for the results…

RSD sales were compared with stats from the previous Saturday, which fell on April 12th:

Independent record stores had 646 percent more sales on Record Store Day. Vinyl sales at independent records stores were up 2,042 percent.

Vinyl accounted for 74 percent of all sales at these indie stores on RSD.

Overall, vinyl sales across the whole industry went up 1,855 percent.

If you have questions about BuzzAngle Music or their analytics, head over to their website.

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Photo by d double u on Flickr used with the Creative Commons License.

23 Responses

  1. TuneHunter

    If it is “record store day” let’s plan to convert all streamers and all radio stations including Pandora and XM to digital music stores!

    We will celebrate 200% increase in music sales before next “record store day”

    • Nina Ulloa

      Streaming is not going away. I don’t want it to go away, it’s so convenient. Just needs a better model $$$$

      • TuneHunter

        There is no problem to convert streamer to a record store. Enjoy the best staff they throw at you, just one condition, there is no tune info if the tune is not part of your “confirmed play list” – instant store/shopper loop.

        Last, I do understand that you and millions more do enjoy this all inclusive access, however this is not the way life and business operates. I can not have my neighbor stock investment or vacation property or his wife just because I like it and Shazam has gave me access to all of them at the click of the button.

        Property owners have to wake up or they will go hungry with all fashionable boys using and abusing the goods.

        • Nina Ulloa

          I think easy access is the point of the internet?

          • radioredrafts

            Easy access, yes. Downfall of the music industry and all the musicians it supports, no.

          • Nina Ulloa

            I was responding specifically to “however this is not the way life and business operates. I can not have my neighbor stock investment or vacation property or his wife just because I like it and Shazam has gave me access to all of them at the click of the button.”

            comparing apples to oranges. when are people going to stop bitching about this new technology and start acting?


          • radioredrafts

            OK, lets compare them to diamonds: imagine what would happen to the diamond industry if people could suddenly download all the diamonds they wanted at the click of a mouse button.

          • radioredrafts

            for free. I don’t think they could make up the revenue through advertising spots.

          • GGG

            Thanks to 3D printing this will probably be an issue they have to face in the not too distant future. As soon as 3D printers get as cheap and ubiquitous as home computers.

          • TuneHunter

            There would be no restriction in access, better yet, I propose no subscription fee!

            Total convenience, just open “bank” backed account with Spotify, Pandora, Shazam etc. and enjoy un-interupted entertainment and music shopping by accident. Discovery moment monetization is fair to creators and all lost distributors.
            At this moment only vanishing iTunes and YouTube abuser are making money from music .

  2. radioredrafts

    I just don’t get paying extra for something with so many potential production issues (warping, blistering, scatchiness toward the inside tracks, irregular formation of the center hole, etc, etc)

      • radioredrafts

        You can buff scratches out of a CD. Can’t do that with a record.

      • radioredrafts

        Also, do you know how many things exists on CD that you’d have to split up to get on two records?

        I’d rather not have to visit the turntable three times to listen to Feldman’s PIano and String Quartet. It’s meant to be a single track. Also Ritual by Keith Jarrett, Amarok by Mike Oldfield, Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich, Shostakovich’s 11th Symphony (etc). They’re all singles, but really long ones. I suupose you could get one of them on a single side of a record by robbing the sound of its definition and recording each half on a single channel, essentially making a mono recording, but you’d still have to re-place the needle and why do all that when can listen to the whole thing, uninterrupted, on CD? And some tracks are even too long for CD. You have to hear them on file or even live, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth listening too.

        I’ve gotten burned too many times buying vinyl, esp. during the eighties. I’d just as soon not have such frequent disappointment with my purchases. From what I’ve seen and heard, too, the quality issues have not improved.

          • radioredrafts

            Well, I have a piano and two hands that I absolutely cherish, but I really do get the fact that most people don’t do Gershwin that way. :)

            Seriously though, CD. I like something I can hold.

      • wallow-T

        “Well, why buy a CD if it can easily scratch?” To those of us olds who grew up handling fragile vinyl LPs, CDs don’t get scratched. If your CDs get “easily” scratched, you’re doing it wrong.

        But what I want to know about the LP sales boom: who’s aligning all those phono cartridges?

  3. radioredrafts

    Anyway, your best bet with vinyl now is finding something in a thrift store or a flea market that’s been played fairly few times and won’t cost you more than a buck or two.

    • Big Ron

      You really didn’t get the point of this article did you? Vinyl sales might be relatively marginal in the overall scheme of things but they are offering a lifeline to many independents and RSD creates a lot of publicity.

      Yet, all you can do is bitch about the format and it’s technical shortcomings. Typical of the type whining about the industry but offering no sensible comments to solutions. I despair sometimes.

      • Anonymous

        Find me a solution and I’ll comment to it. I left my concerns about new vinyl back in the eighties, along with my big hair.

      • radioredrafts

        Find me a solution and I’ll comment to it. Maybe. I left my concerns about new vinyl back in the early nineties, along with by big hair.

  4. Anonymous

    i hope that the record industry companies that sold off all their record pressing machines are happy now. way to go morons! and it’s no wonder vinyl is expensive now. because it’s all pressed outside of north america. or at least quite a bit of it is now.

  5. Urbain Van geerteruy

    I’m happy to see that vinyl sales are up again. I still have my whole collection, 45’s and lp’s, about 25.000.
    I was against cd’s when they came out and refused to by them for several years, but finally I had to buy them because they stopped pressing vinyl. But now, a lot of artists in belgium are also releasing their albums on vinyl? OK, they cost more than a cd, but you have something in your hands, the magnificent sound of vinyl is just great. And vinyl sales are going up also in Belgium, not a big amount, but it’s happening. One vinyl factory started up again to fullfill the need of the vinyl-buying lovers. Just great!!!!!!!!