Beatswitch Raises $345,000 for a Concert and Festival Management Platform…

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Antwerp-based Beatswitch is an event planning platform for artists, booking agencies, and promoters. It is designed to ease the process of scheduling and coordinating festivals and concerts.

Co-founders Gertjan De Wilde and Thomas Van Orshaegen started Beatswitch at the Idealabs accelerator program.

Now Beatswitch has raised €250,000, which is about $345,436.  They will use the funds to improve their product and expand throughout Europe and the world.

Funding came from Strike4, which has previously invested in seven other Belgian startups.

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2 Responses

  1. Willis

    Nothing like investors pissing away more money which should go to viable startups.

    • Thomas

      Hi Willis. How do you mean money should go to viable startups. What makes you think we are not a viable startup? Love to hear your feedback.