How Can You Engage Your Facebook Fans? Ask Rebecca & Fiona…

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DJ / production duo Rebecca & Fiona have teamed up with Adidas to promote their new album Beauty is Pain. They’re getting fans to link their Facebook accounts to the campaign by projecting profile pictures onto Adidas’ Stockholm store.

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For every 300 fans that sign in with Facebook a new SoundCloud-hosted song from the album unlocks. Those who have linked their account can hear the first two unlocked songs. The third song is currently about 100 people away from unlocking.

A countdown in the Adidas window leads up to “something big”, according to Rebecca and Fiona. This cleverly keeps fans engaged and encourages multiple visits to the page.

This is an interesting twist on the usual “sign up for our mailing list to unlock tracks” approach. Rebecca & Fiona, their team, and Adidas have created an engaging and interactive fan experience.

It would be interesting to see some stats once this campaign wraps up. How much can something like this benefit an album release?

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10 Responses

  1. mdti

    ah, understood!!
    time to fetch that college girl cheerleader outfit, and change hair color…..

  2. hippydog

    its original, so I would predict it will be successful..

    Of course having an advertiser as a backer right from the start probably helps a bit 😉

    • Nina Ulloa

      should they dress like nuns so people won’t discredit them?

      talent, a strong fan base, and innovative partnerships/marketing also sells

      • mdti

        what “discredit”? sexy sells better, we all know that well.

  3. white noise sounds better

    By the way, this album sounds like shit grinding on shit. Who is the engineer behind this stupidity? Such a shame.

  4. Dan

    I’m sorry but Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter followers are a complete load of old tosh – what actually matters is fans who purchase. I used to work in distribution where I’d have artists who had thousands of Facebook / twitter followers and sold the square root of fuck all.

    It is the latest version of the Emperors new clothes the sooner that everyone realises that and stops wasting their bloody time with FB and Twitter and puts the resources into their own email list and website the better

    • Nina Ulloa

      well it was hosted on their website if that makes you feel better