Woman Sues LiveNation After Getting 1,000 Splinters…

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Three years ago, Linda Vanston went to the Theatre at Westbury in New York to see Engelbert Humperdinck. Her good time was cut short when she scooted down a wooden bench to make room for someone else and felt sharp pain.

The bench allegedly had shards of wood sticking out of it, giving Vanston 1,000 splinters in her legs and butt.

Her lawyer says that splinters are still coming out to this day, giving her fresh wounds and scars. My9NJ has recent photos.

Vanston’s lawyer also says she receives injections on a weekly basis so the splinters will come out. She had to take time off of work and her mobility has been affected.

Vanston is suing LiveNation, who owns the theatre, for an unspecified amount.

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Photo by takasuii on Flickr used with the Creative Commons License

5 Responses

  1. Willis

    Is this a real story? This lady is a moron. Who “scoots’ down a wooden bench? Take some personal responsibility for your actions, lady. Sheesh!

    • Nina Ulloa

      who DOESN’T scoot down a wooden bench???

      • Willis

        A wooden bench? Anyone who doesn’t want to risk getting splinters. I wouldn’t.

        There are a couple other methods for getting from one side of a bench the other – standing up, walking down a step or two, then sitting again; or lifting your bottom and squatting while moving down the bench. There’s even the thrust/hop method where you use your hands/arms to lift yourself from the bench and hop over, although this method may take a couple attempts to make the journey.