Major Labels Are Also Using Digital Imprints to Stay Relevant…

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Just yesterday I wrote about how a couple of independent labels are launching digital-only labels, with the goal of putting out releases they love at a quicker pace.

Now Universal Music Group has announced a new digital imprint with very similar goals.

Universal has teamed up with conductor, pianist and chamber musician Daniel Barenboim to launch Peral Music.

Barenboim says:

“I want to try and look at the future. I want to really get myself into the mentality of the digital world. I’m fascinated by it. I’m fascinated by young people who have such a dominion of everything that is digital. I like the purity of it. I like the fact that you don’t need all the clutter – there’s something incredibly direct about it. And I’m fascinated by the possibilities it offers – there are so many opportunities!”

All releases on the label will be mastered for iTunes. For now, iTunes will get a period of exclusivity on new releases.

The first releases on Peral will be Bruckner symphonies with the Staatskapelle Berlin and a collection of studies that young pianists learn.

Barenboim will also continue to put out releases for DG and Decca.


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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    “For now, iTunes will get a period of exclusivity on new releases”

    What — no Spotify?

    I thought streaming was the new business model. Guess I was wrong.

  2. Anonymous

    why would anyone want to listen to Jazz/Classical on Spotify!?! If you’re a true Classical fan, you understand this. And if you’re an artist you also understand why they would pick iTunes over Spotify. At least a la carte sales pay the artist on a respectable rate. Spotify rapes artists. It should also be noted that “Mastered for iTunes” is not true high def, it is still compressed digi-gargle.

  3. johnc

    Listening to a compressed Bruckner symphony via earphones on a Smartphone while riding a bus, subway or cycling is not really the stellar experience, is it ??? Someone is trying to invent electricity again…….presuming the young generation will fly for classical music because it is on iTunes. This venture will not work financially

  4. Willis

    Newsflash – major labels are not, and have not been, relevant for some time now.