Berklee Online Now Offers Bachelor Degrees…

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Berklee Online is Berklee College of Music’s online continuing education branch.  The online division launched in 2002 and has taught roughly 30,000 students. Now, Berklee Online is offering bachelor degrees for the first time.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Studies offers two different tracks: music business and music production. Both tracks require 120 credits.

Berklee says the cost of these online degrees is 60 percent less than their in-person bachelor degrees.

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2 Responses

  1. Farley

    I took the free introductory jazz music theory course at Berklee. It is a tough course, but good for any musician. I recommend it. Has anyone else out there tried it?

  2. UrSongSucks

    How valid are these degrees in the industry? As a Floridian; I know better than to go to Full Sail University and blow too too much money on a worthless degree from there, but I’ve always heard of Berklee as a much more prestigious school than Full Sail.