Need Album Marketing Ideas? Take a Tip From Little Dragon…

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Little Dragon is absolutely killing it with the album marketing for their upcoming release.

Their new album Nabuma Rubberband comes out on May 13th, and they’re already on their second memorable marketing strategy.

In February, the band set up a website that would call your phone and show video that matched up perfectly with the call.  This led to a lot of people entering in other phone numbers to prank call people, an unintended use that was probably pretty effective.

Now, Little Dragon is running a “Nabuma Derby” in a partnership with Red Bull.  They’ve created a website with instructions on how to build a Nabuma Rubberband car out of some simple items.


Fans can buy materials and make a car, or pick up a kit designed by Red Bull at participating stores.  14 different local record stores will hold races, and winners get a limited edition signed lithograph and a custom-made trophy.

Little Dragon’s frontwoman Yukimi said:

“When we did our signing at Amoeba Music in LA on Record Store Day, we were reminded of the creative energy and sense of community record stores provide. So we were so excited to build on that…”

But what would a great marketing campaign be without social media involvement?

There’s also a national competition for the United States.  To enter, fans post a picture of the car they’ve created on Twitter or Instagram with #NabumaDerby, @LittleDragon, and @RedBull.  The winner gets two VIP passes to Bonnaroo, round trip flights, and car service.

Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more. She started and runs the music blog West Coast Fix. Follow her on Twitter: @nine_u

5 Responses

  1. loss leader

    it’s good to see labels doing some interesting marketing to support their releases instead of the formula that is used on just about every other record that is released by the majors.

    • Gary

      Love the creativity…but, only 58 views of the video in 6 days??

    • Nina Ulloa

      well the campaign just launched yesterday so you’ll have to hold your horses…