Now You Can Use CD Baby to Advertise on Pandora, Amazon, and…

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CD Baby has added “Ads by CD Baby” to their suite of promotional tools.

Artists can use this service to get albums and singles being sold on their CD Baby page advertised “on sites like Rolling Stone, Billboard, Pandora, MTV, and more“. These ads will be targeted to sites that are relevant to the type of music being sold.

Ads can be created and customized easily. Change text, colors, and album art with a few clicks.

Ad views can be tracked from CD Baby accounts.

CD Baby has posted estimated weekly prices for these ads. Prices range from $35 to $350:

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7 Responses

  1. Anon

    This is a pretty good idea. I’m sure CDBaby is buying bulk ad inventory at a discount price and the CPMs they are passing on to the artists are pretty high. They will probably bring in decent coin on this venture. Not only that, this new advertising will probably increase sales, which will also add to their revenue stream.

  2. Anonymous

    Well, that’s something that Tunecore doesn’t do.

    Though they do some other things, that CD Baby doesn’t.

  3. Tyler D

    Has anyone gotten positive results from similar campaigns? I’m curious of its effectiveness.

  4. mdti

    How’s the “penetration rate” (sorry forgot the technical word if it is something else).
    Meaning, in a population of X (x is the estimated weekly prices for these ad views”) a campaign is said to be successful if it reaches at least y% of X.
    For example, a product that sells to 10% of “X” is a generally said to be a success (successful campaign, succesful product etc etc). It changes according to the industries.
    Any idea or actual data?

    • AV

      On the first day from 10,000 views I got 240 clicks. Not sure yet how that will impact sales.
      I don’t think I will recoup the cost of the ad though!