Two Kickstarter Campaigns Compete Over Wu-Tang’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin”…

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I previously posted about a Kickstarter campaign called “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin – For Wu Fans, For Wu People,” which hopes to raise enough money to bid on Wu-Tang Clan’s latest release.

The lavishly decorated Wu-Tang album is going on a museum tour before being auctioned to the highest bidder.  Wu-Tang says they already have a bid of $5 million.

That’s the problem: the people behind this Kickstarter campaign say they don’t want “some uber rich bastard” keeping the album in some private collection.  So far, they’ve raised just $15,829 with 26 days to go.  They hope to raise $5 million.

Not exactly a proof of concept, but now a second fan Kickstarter has inexplicably launched.   The new campaign is called “Open Wu-Tang” and has the exact same goal.  One of the only differences is that “Open” wants to outdo the first campaign by raising $5.5 million.

The people behind “Open Wu-Tang” say:  “the [first] attempt to crowd fund the disruptive Wu-Tang will
unfortunately fall short“, so they’ve done the exact same thing over again…?  To be fair, they have added a convincing video that says fans drove Wu-Tang to creative this auction by not paying for music:


“Open Wu-Tang” has raised $133.96 ($143 AUD) with 25 days to go.


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