Apple’s Next iOS Will Have HD Audio Playback…

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We’re waiting for news of Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics, but what else is going on in the world of Apple audio?

Macotakara is reporting that Apple will be updating to HD audio playback in iOS 8, citing multiple unnamed sources.

In iOS 7, devices cannot play 24-bit audio files with a sampling frequency above 48 kHz.

They also say Apple will release new lightning connectors and in-ear headphones.

The updates would likely be announced at Apple’s next Worldwide Developers Conference on June 2nd, 2014.

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Consumers can’t tell the difference between 44/48/96.

    But new earbuds is wonderful news (if they’re any good, of course).

      • Anonymous

        No, and A-B tests show that many musicians (and a surprising number of engineers) can’t tell, either.

        24/96 is essential for mixing, but not relevant for consumers.

        Again — if consumers want great sound, they have to buy great interfaces and monitors instead of their white earbuds and soundblasters, or worse. There are no cheap shortcuts.

  2. Willis

    HD audio playback is irrelevant, considering the output devices (internal speakers, earbuds, etc.) are terrible and wouldn’t do the quality justice.

    • jw

      To some degree that’s true, but people have been using the $29 Apple Camera Connector Kit to bypass the iPhone’s onboard DAC, strapping an external DAC to their iPhone & using it as an HD playback device since iOS7 launched. What this means is that those users will now be able to use iOS’ native software to play back HD AIFF & ALAC files.

      Granted, the HD audio community has pretty much decided on FLAC & Apple won’t be supporting to FLAC any time soon. But this is definitely a step in the right direction.

    • jw

      Have you ever sat down & listened to 16/44.1 vs 24/192 on a decent system?

      I love it when people post this article & have never listened for themselves.