As I Lay Dying’s Frontman Sentenced to Six Years in Prison…

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Tim Lambesis

Earlier this year Tim Lambesis, the frontman of Christian metal band As I Lay Dying, plead guilty to trying to hire a hitman to kill his wife. He didn’t know that the hitman was actually an undercover officer.

Tim had planned to be away with the couple’s children during the planned murder so he would have an alibi.

Tim’s wife Meggan had filed for divorce in 2012, saying he was obsessed with bodybuilding, was not caring for their children, spent thousands of dollars on tattoos, and had affairs.

Now, Tim Lambesis has received his sentence…

He is to spend six years in prison.

His former wife and their children have been given 10 years’ protection from him. Meggan is also suing Lambesis for $2 million in civil court.

The rest of As I Lay Dying is moving forward without Tim. They have formed a new band, Wovenwar, with a new singer.

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