Can You Sell Stuff on Streaming Services? BandPage Partners With Rdio…

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Artist profile site BandPage has been continuously announcing new funding rounds and fresh partnerships.  In March, they announced a $9.25 million round, which brought overall BandPage funding to $28 million.  Recently-inked partnerships include iHeartRadio and LyricFind.

Now they’ve added Rdio to that list.

For now, BandPage is providing Rdio with artist images.  This will expand to include other content and merch items from artists’ BandPage store.

J Sider, founder and CEO of BandPage, says:

“The incredible amount of fan engagement on music services like Rdio is the single greatest untapped commodity in the music business today.  This partnership with Rdio will help musicians tap into that opportunity in a huge way.”


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  1. In summary...

    Bandpage = (ArtistData + 100X Cash Burn – Business Model)

  2. RyanHickmam

    Excited to see how this pans. Integration is key to make the most of these digital services and platforms.

  3. mike

    such an amazing company, serving a much needed service! keep up the work