Shutterstock Wants to Change Stock Music Forever…

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If you didn’t like yesterday’s news about royalty-free production music library Epidemic Sound, then you definitely won’t like this…

Stock image and video site Shutterstock has added royalty-free stock music to their list of offerings.

The service has launched with 60,000 songs from partner site Rumblefish.

For now, Shutterstock is offering promotional prices on songs.  A standard license is $49, and covers one project.  It comes with unlimited web and podcast usage, broadcast usage for up to 1,000,000 people, and one country for  theatrical film usage.

An enhanced license is $419 and comes with unlimited use for one project.  Non-promotional rates are $79 for a standard license and $499 for an enhanced license.

Wyatt Jenkins, Shutterstock’s VP of Product, told Adweek that the company hopes to have suggested songs next to their stock videos.  Further in the future, Shutterstock hopes to allow users to upload their video clips and have an algorithm suggest tracks.

Is Shutterstock trying to replace music supervisors?


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11 Responses

  1. mdti

    wew, I make much more without them.
    Are they trying to kill that market?

    • Anonymous

      this is good news – there is no reason to use unauthorized music in their youtube videos with so many royalty free options. there is no reason to infringe the beatles or the beastie boys when there is so much music available for free via creative commons or royalty free via these services.

      • mdti

        mmh, not erveryone agrees. with content ID, it looks like the more “unauthorized” use of a music could generate more income which is better than 0.

  2. Radio DJ/Programmer

    perhaps they are reflecting market realities. As a voice over talent / producer I often use music for beds etc.

    I often have to go ask friends to let me use music royalty free, because small operators cannot afford some of the higher rates (anything over $20-$50 a project is too high for most of us for a single commercial).

    • mdti

      I always do music for free for my friends’ projects, but when it goes commercial, ie produced by someone, then we share. so it’s a bet, and a pleasure. But at some point, it can’t be free if someone is making money with that work. TThe way you do it seems the usual way.

    • mdti

      20-50USD for a commercial? I hope this in on par with the budget for the commercial.
      You make me feel lucky to be able to work with people who actually care about having an exclusive music that convey their message and taste. The price certainly depends on who does the music, but it can be between 500 and 20 000 euros for the music for a commercial or a TV show (depends if renting an orchestra is required – let’s say the the average would be 1500 / 4000 euros), and that is not an advance, it does not include any royalty.

      • mdti

        NB: and I may get paid only if the show/commercial is produced, otherwise, well, that’s just for your experience and relationships.