Facebook Adds Shazam-Like Software to Their Mobile Apps…

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You probably have Shazam or SoundHound on your phone. Pretty soon Shazam might be a native part of your phone.  Do you really need similar software in your Facebook app, too?

Facebook is adding an optional audio recognition feature to their iOS and Android apps.  The enhancement will help users identify and quickly share songs, TV shows, and movies from any environment. The app will automatically detect surrounding media and load it into your status update, no typing necessary.

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When sharing music, a 30-second preview of the song will be included.  A shared TV show will show the exact season and episode you’re watching.

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3 Responses

  1. TuneHunger

    Facebank steals Discovery Moment Monotizations while Veevoo and Spoofy leaves 1000 billions on the table, you heard it here first. Soon there will be no numbers to multiply in music industry

    • TuneHunter

      Unrelated, another catalyzer for advertising cash – we need DIRECT music cash!

      Knowing that Ek drinks beer with Parker and Parker drinks beer with Mr. Z The EchoNest might be earning some cash for income starved joint venture with Spoofy!

  2. Willis

    Is Facebook not aware that people already have an app called Shazam?