How I Faked My Way to the Top…

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The following comes from Rawcus, an anonymous rapper who has recently gone viral.  

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How and why I created a Rawcus:

The Rawcus idea was built from years of struggle.

I’m a mid level artist with a decent sized fan base of around 10,000 people. Not being able to grow as an independent artist became frustrating. I could make around $4 thousand by releasing an album, but how do I live and tour off of that?

I learned that talent is only a small piece of what makes a mainstream artist.  I learned I had to play the game to win the game in the music business. I couldn’t write intellectually stimulating music that is emotional and thought provoking. I couldn’t make music with real instruments. There is no fighting it.

When you are a poor, broke artist, shit out of luck… You realize you have to do whatever it takes if you want that dream to happen.

I didn’t want to sell out and conform in my artistry because it would alienate my hard earned fan base. So, I decided to create another artist, tailor-made to fit today’s culture with mainstream appeal.

I created the Rawcus brand, decided his niche, image, and mystery.

I put this guy together from scratch, like a Mr. Potato Head that makes music.

It was really easy. All I had to do was be melodic while rapping about money, girls, clubs, drugs, and making fun of white people. In reality, I am the complete antithesis of what Rawcus is.

I predicted that if I dumbed it down and conformed with my songwriting, talent, and understanding of today’s society, I could be an overnight success. Guess what happened next…

I released the “White People Crazy” music video on January 10th 2014.

Within 4 days I was on TMZ Live, MSNBC, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Gawker, Slate, CollegeHumor, Complex, Vanyaland, The Daily Dot, TV Guide, Bossip, and more.

Tosh.0 called “White People Crazy” their theme song. called it ‘Record Of The Year’.  HOT 97 In New York made their own video because they loved the song so much. That video got 25,000 views.

I’ve sold thousands of units.


I spent $0 on marketing and $0 on a publicist. Not a single penny. Even the video was free, because I shot and edited it myself.

The video is a little shaky because I had my grandma hold the camera to shoot it. She’s the only person I could trust with the Rawcus secret.

After receiving around 1.5 million views around the internet in those first 7 days, suddenly White House correspondents were contacting me for comments.

Then BAM, my video was flagged and put to 18+ and ripped off of iTunes. Why? Possibly because majority shareholders don’t own me.

Even the video explaining how “White People Crazy” blew up got flagged in less than 24 hours.

In the end, I became well known being two different artists.

I have plans to move forward and monetize both of them.

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Rawcus is on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

44 Responses

  1. Meyer

    “I’ve sold thousands of units.”

    He sold nothing!


      Are you serious? The title of the article is “How I Faked My Way To The Top”. Clearly you are an industry tool…just not a very sharp one. Going straight to your NextBigSound account you thirsty fool. You’re that desperate for numbers? Were you disappointed that you couldn’t take him to your boss? Why would you spend your time trying to take away credibility of someone who’s been posted on almost every large news blog in the country without the help of any major corporation or industry company?


      Are you serious? The title of this article is “How I Faked It To The Top”. You must so thirsty that you ran to your SoundScan account. Too bad you can’t go run your new project to the boss….

      • Willis

        Numbers don’t lie. I’d say this artist is still faking it by using this article to promote himself. Suckers, the lot of you.

  2. Meyer

    “Then BAM, my video was flagged and put to 18+ and ripped off of iTunes. Why? Possibly because majority shareholders don’t own me.”

    Why? Lol! Because your video is full of stolen pictures/videos!

    • Rawcus

      Meyer, You seem angry at this for some reason but it is a much wiser decision to be logical while looking at this situation. Especially since you can learn from it and apply it to your current knowledge base to grow. Allow me to help you navigate through simply using your brain from an unbiased stand point.

      1) If it was flagged for pictures and videos it would have been flagged for copyright reasons and therefore it would have been removed from Youtube, not flagged to 18+ according to the Youtube community guidelines. That’s common sense.

      2) Why did they flag my follow up video with in 24 hours that wasn’t even the white people crazy song itself but a video simply explaining how White People Crazy blew up?

      3) I did sell units. The viral spread, Ebony calling it ‘Record of the year’ realizing what it was, as well as the reaction of the public loving it because I extracted an emotion (humor) should let you know it moved AT LEAST a couple thousand units.

      Feel free to point out anything else you’re letting your anger cloud your judgement about.

      • jw

        It was flagged on YouTube because it says “shit” & “fucking” & “ass.” It’s no mystery why it was flagged. And the explanation video says “mind fuck.”

        If you had the video on iTunes, it was taken down because it contained copyrighted material.

        There’s no conspiracy here. Get over yourself.

        I’d also like to know how you figure you got 1.5m views in 7 days. If, after 4 months, YouTube has 325k, Worldstar has 215k, & Break has 50k, where are the other million views coming from?

        • Hoodgrown

          What the hell are you talking about? REALLY? Do YOU even know? Let’s break down your “points”

          “It was flagged on YouTube because it says “shit” & “fucking” & “ass.” It’s no mystery why it was flagged. And the explanation video says “mind fuck.””

          Ahhhh NO! There are PLENTY of videos across Youtube using the same words.Hell, if that was the case half of rap, metal and even pop videos wouldn’t exist on the site.

          “If you had the video on iTunes, it was taken down because it contained copyrighted material.”

          Once again, NO! If you’ve ever had a song/video on iTunes and posted to Youtube.. Youtube will usually automatically add the itunes link.

          “There’s no conspiracy here. Get over yourself.”

          I agree with you there. Youtube usually pulls down things that are considered racist.. and based on the title alone.. I’m sure the song got quite a few flags.

          “I’d also like to know how you figure you got 1.5m views in 7 days. If, after 4 months, YouTube has 325k, Worldstar has 215k, & Break has 50k, where are the other million views coming from?”

          I also agree with you HERE.. as well.

          • jw

            There are tons of videos on YouTube that violate their TOS, or fall into the 18+ category, but aren’t removed or marked 18+ because they’ve never been flagged by a user.

            Another rap song might have heavy cursing or footage that might be considered violent, but they would have to be sought out. When a video goes viral, even if it only has a few hundred thousand views, it’s more likely to show up on someone’s feed who doesn’t know what to expect before clicking on the video, who end up flagging it. There is no review process until a video gets flagged by a user, there’s just too much content being uploaded for that to be possible.

      • Flagged

        In honesty, it would be interesting to know why it got flagged. Doesn’t Google give a reason, or at least something vague enough that you can check it out in the Terms of Service?

      • James Nixon

        The part that’s getting left out is that even this isn’t as easy as he’s making it out to be. He still had to have all the knowledge it took him years of grinding as an independent to understand to be able to know what ‘mainstream’ would really go for and be able to execute it.

        So props for the double bump but let’s be serious this still isn’t something random people who haven’t learned how to create already can just plop down and do.

      • Bonelonesome

        More power to ya! Ya never go broke underestimating the mass market. It’s cool to see you found a way to finance what you really want to do. You have my respect. There is also a big difference between racism and poking fun at stereotypes (and crazy stupid people). I hope you skyrocket to the top. 🙂

      • Justin McLeod

        Rawcus – was one of your first fans back in January. Your fake it till you make it philosophy inspired a struggling American who was having difficulty immigrating to Canada. So I faked my way into a great tax firm after seeing u on TMZ… interview on Jan 18th after a year of interviewing. Whatever you are, you’re the real deal to me. Thanks from a crazy white boy. You earned my white ass money – 1F’n dolla – Homie on wit a dolla. Now accepted into CPA program in the fall…employer picking up costs… would that make me a ratchet white boy? All because of your TMZ interview. What if I never saw it? Keep it black brotha.

    • Hoodgrown

      I think his video being pulled had less to do with his use of images and videos (mostly complied from OTHER Youtube videos) and more to do with violating Google’s policy of hate speech We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But we don’t permit hate speech

      (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).

    • Mr. Blasko

      I have not read any of the above comments so I don’t know where this thread was headed. There are a few observations from my perspective that I do not see very often as a manager (if any of this post is actually true).

      Rawcus identified a niche because his current music was not working. He developed a “brand” as an anonymous artist and wrote a memorable track and created a complimentary video and hustled it. He made sure he hired a digi distributer to have the track available on iTunes so that he had a destination for the traffic his video created. But the kicker for me is that he came on this blog and potentially countless others to defend himself and seek information. This is basic shit that I never see up and comers pull off. Rawcus incorporates the whole “why didn’t I think of this” package.

      ALL of this is NOT something I see from young artists today. To me the bottom line is this: All of us in the Music business all we do is talk about music… are you worth talking about? This Rawcus thing is clearly worth talking about!

      Don’t hate. It’s just my perspective. I roll in the rock biz and creative niche marketing from young bands is rarely seen.

      Hey RAWCUS – If you want a record deal I will sign you right now. Hit me up.

      • Dave Dyer

        Blasko anytime you want to come on my show for an interview again let me know…. I think it’s been 6 years!

        • Mr. Blasko

          Dave, anytime man. My info is the same, Hit me up!

  3. $4 thousand

    Because typing “$4000” is too hard for the readers

  4. mdti

    Very nice story.
    The track and video have nailed it too. The link to social medias, the “fail” videos, etc, very well done.

    Didn’t you have a green screen (green background) to shoot the video? I wonder how you did the detouring, I have so much troubles doing that myself….

    Good luck for the next stuff.

  5. Rocky3333

    Congratulations. There a at least a thousand doors into this insane business, and you’ve found one of them.

  6. Anon

    Crazy – this dude tried adding me on FB last week!

  7. Anonymous

    There’s no reason for someone to pull, throttle, or attempt to kneecap your release/content unless there’s a breach of end user agreement between you and your distribution platform, or a third party makes a claim.

    I don’t think there are any “shareholders” out to get you. in fact, it behooves all parties involved for your content and product to sell as much, and be seen as much as possible. That’s how they make money too…

    As for your fairly meta strategy of using the hype generated along with the outing of the ploy as a marketing plan, It’s interesting… but also seems like an attempt to boost a second release that took a while to follow up (losing some relevancy and steam in the process).

    Remember, if you’re not appearing, you’re disappearing.

  8. AitchDee

    Kinda sad?
    Kinda brilliant…IMO
    Props, Rawcus. You make a tough proposition look easy…

  9. T

    Bullshit. He has only 300 thousand views on the video, and 500 thousand on ALL videos together. not 1.5 million. The site admins should remove this garbage.

    • Hoodgrown

      Yes because if YOU don’t like it it’s garbage and should be removed. Smfh.

  10. Jaded Industry Dude

    Yawn. Nothing to see here. “The top” is a lot more than a ‘a few’ or ‘a couple’ of thousand units. Yawn.

  11. Seriously?

    This joker isn’t even close to the top. He e-mailed me his “White People” song in order to get me to blog it months ago. The production and rapping was so terrible that I passed on it. However, the message, absurdity of the song itself caught on to a degree. Should we be surprised? I mean, the video itself is loaded with video clips of people hurting themselves, and doesn’t that #selfie song have 120 million views on YouTube right now?

    There’s nothing wrong with novelty tracks, but nobody is dying to hear the new “Rawcus” record.

    • blahblablah

      Is anyone “dying” to hear any new record anymore?

    • Rawcus

      You just compared the Chain Smokers who are signed to a Major and have a massive budget and connections to a guy that did it at street level with $0.

      The quality was shitty on purpose and the rapping is measured against any Trap flow today in order to fit the street brand. I’m confused if you even read the article? lol

  12. @mattadownes

    “I spent $0 on marketing”. Email is not free. Email is marketing. Marketing to people via email is not free.

  13. David

    All that I know, is that the world will soon forget about this nonsense.

  14. Al Sharpton

    Racism sells, I learned that decades ago!

  15. XO

    This guy is a genius! I don’t see why are u hatin on him, he’s legit and his reason is on point. Respect for Rawcus, you’ll be huge ! xx

  16. Jackzen

    Are we assuming this guy is black? I haven’t heard it, but we don’t see the face ….. He’s probably White! 🙂

  17. Jesse Ferris

    Rawcus is simply amazing. pushin out tunes as fast as he does, as well written as he does, by himself, while allowing free sharing to those who cant afford to buy the music! You are a true artist Rawcus. and the 1.5 million views stretches far beyond the three sites you are all listing. Folks are banging these videos on strange hard to find sites all over the globe. morocco, Philippines, Japan. Folks are not realizing how big this web really is. smh