10 Reasons Why Email Is Still Your Best Communication Tool…

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Facebook charging you too much to reach your fans?  Here’s why email is better, cheaper, and longer-lasting than Facebook, social media, and almost every other communication tool out there.

(1) Email isn’t going away in three years.

MySpace let you down.  Facebook is in the process of letting you down.   But email won’t be abandoned in the same way, because it’s a protocol not a controlled platform.

(2) They figured out the spam thing.

Spam used to drain your productivity and raise your stress levels.  But that was before they figured spam out.  Gmail, for example, is managing spam so well you can go an entire month without even thinking about it (or longer).

(3) You don’t have to pay to email your fans.

Facebook says they have to make you pay, otherwise everyone would get overwhelmed.  If Gmail said that, you’d just find another email client to use.

(4) You own your email contacts.

The reason why Facebook can charge you to reach your fans is because they own those relationships, not you.  But nobody can take your well-earned email addresses away from you, especially if they really want to hear from you.

(5) Email isn’t a raging, unmanageable rapid of information overload.

Only a percentage of Twitter posts get read, for obvious reasons.  Facebook posts are almost as bad.  Email suffers from the same issue, but a far larger percentage of email posts actually get read.

(6) People figured out the opt-in/opt-out permissions thing.

We moved on from the sketchy early days.  So if you’re into old school spamming, you’ll get filtered out pretty quickly.  Almost all notes have easy unsubscribe options, and stuff gets flagged quickly.  So if your emailing etiquette is good and you earned your list, then you’ll enjoy significant benefits.

(7) It’s cheap.

If you have a small-but-growing list, it’s basically free.  But Mailchimp lets you send tens of thousands of emails daily for $150 a month.  And they’ve figured out a lot of the spam, bounceback, and permissions issues that come with large lists.

(8) People use it.

Not everyone uses email religiously, or even daily, especially younger people.  But a huge percentage of the population does, including many of your fans.  They will see your email, open it, and maybe do something about it.  Which brings us to…

(9) People take action from email.

There’s now lots of hard research showing that email is more effective than Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms at converting fans into action.  They buy more, do more, and react better.  And it’s much easier to alert fans of important information, like upcoming tours and releases, on email.

(10) It’s everywhere.

You used to go to a computer to check your email.  But that was before the Crackberry ushered in a culture of non-stop email checking.  Now, you’re hitting people everywhere, all of which increases your chance of an open.


Written while listening to ‘Love Never Felt So Good’. 

7 Responses

  1. What??

    Do you really think it costs nothing to email your fans? Perhaps aw you are developing, but for proper email systems with the ability to properly email and segment it costs and that’s not insignificant. Agree that this is a critical piece for marketing effectively, but let’s be really about the cost.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Read the article. For low numbers, yeah, basically you’re talking free.

  2. tippysdemise

    Not following #2 for some reason. Gmail is one of the main reasons why we have a very difficult time reaching our subscribers (as our newsletters are auto-flagged as spam, and our subscribers double-opted in). It has never been harder to hit the inboxes of people who want to hear from you.

    • tippysdemise

      …and by the way, good piece and totally agree with the emphasis on old-school email (especially because of #4).

  3. Willis

    Good and accurate article. I agree with you, Paul. Oh crap…what have I just said?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Slowly you’re coming to my way of thinking… haha

  4. digitalfanclubs

    Glad to see this simple, compelling argument for opting out of social media as a way of reaching fans. I’ve been preaching for 2 years about how ineffective Facebook is(was) and how easy it is to get lost in the noise of Twitter. We’re on the same page Paul, but I go out and meet artists and their management and labels every day and somehow many still have the wool pulled over their eyes by social networks AND youtube. What is this collective blindness all about.

    It always was and always will be in the artist’s best interest to have a direct connection with their fan base. The fewer intermediaries, the better. And the database is what made Mark Zuckerberg so rich. That’s why we think artists should have their own fan clubs, manage and own their own data. For larger ones (with more than 1 million fans) we offer artists their own mobile fan apps that do just this. Only fans who really care about an act will download the apps and then you own them – can send emails and push notifications, sell direct and so much more. (There are probably other solutions out there for smaller acts.)

    I would like to see you write an article about why artists and brands are still using social networks, and give any and all reasons they should or shouldn’t be. I think the data will prove why they are just making other people rich, but would love your insight.