Mmuseumm is Creating a “Custom Song Factory”…

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Mmuseumm is a museum in New York dedicated to exhibiting contemporary artifacts and oddities. From June 20th – June 29th, Mmuseumm will host an interactive song factory.

“Custom Melodies” is a week long interactive art piece by musician Eternal Lips (a.k.a. Grey Gersten).

Museum visitors can schedule a 20 minute appointment with Eternal Lips for $20. Before the appointment, visitors fill out a survey detailing what kind of song they want to order. Then, Eternal Lips will write, perform, and record the song during the 20 minutes.

Mmuseumm says: It’s like going to a really good salad bar, but for music.

All of the songs will be uploaded online. Eternal Lips hopes to expand this song factory to other artists and countries, and plans on eventually creating an online Song Map.


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