After 7 Years, SF MusicTech Is Calling It Quits…

In the rap world, this is what they call leaving the game.  Here’s an email received early this morning from SF MusicTech Summit founder Brian Zisk.


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6 Responses

  1. Chris H

    Good for Brian, he has done a lot to help things along. I’m not sure how much traction he will get relocating it to Hawaii, but it sounds more like he just needs a break from it.

    Either way, a good guy and good for him and his family.

    • vistor

      SF Shill Fest is coming to an end? Really? SF Music Tech, for whatever good it had aimed to do it has become a place where the thin cloth of silicon valley lies and propaganda has buried whatever good could have been done. The lack of respect for artists rights is astounding on shill populated panels with the EFF claiming artists have no rights. Not exactly and artist friendly environment, and not much there for start-ups either in a world where Google and Spotify will dominate.

      • Chris H

        I’m not disagreeing with you, but I don’t think that is Brian’s fault. It is a shame that there was a venue and a place to have more of an open discussion with the tech side people, but the artist side people were too quick to run to a corner and say “well, fuck that thing”, instead of being open to it being a discussion. I’ve had plenty of firey exchanges there, but I think they were for the better for both sides of the discussion.

  2. Henry Chatfield

    And my first year attending — couldn’t be more excited!