Monster Energy to Pay $1.7 Million for Illegally Using Beastie Boys Songs…

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After an eight day trial, the result of Beastie Boys vs. Monster Energy has been decided.

The Beastie Boys sued Monster for illegally using five of their songs in a video of a snowboarding event thrown by Monster. The songs were mixed together by DJ Z-Trip. Monster says Z-Trip told them they had permission to put the songs in the video…. They didn’t have permission.

The Beastie Boys sought $2 million for unauthorized use and implied endorsement.

Monster said they should pay between $0 and $125,000. In court, their lawyer said:

“The plaintiffs try to take the undisputed evidence and spin some tale of an insidious corporate conspiracy.”

A jury considered the undisputed evidence and sided with the Beastie Boys, awarding them $1.7 million.

Monster says they are going to appeal the decision.


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6 Responses

  1. k s


    Screw Monster for their illegal and unlawful behavior, and double screw them for not accepting their culpability, and then attempting to scurry back under their rock with the insulting suggestion of $125K. $25K per song for a live performance and social media campaign? what a joke. Monster attorneys smoke that good ish.

      • FarePlay

        The times they are a changing.

        The past month has been an incredible month for those of us who believe that artists haven been treated unfairly. And I have to acknowledge those journalist, lawyers and professors who have been tireless advocates for the cause. I do this because as a young man growing up in the sixties music was the heartbeat of our generation. Call me old, but for those of you who weren’t there you will never know. It was powerful, music made a difference, music taught us about life.

        While I know things are different today and I may not have the connection with music I did back then, I fully support everyone’s right to be creative and if your good enough to build a following that you are “entitled” to make an equitable wage for your work. Music is cheap and if businesses can’t make a profit from being in the music business, than they never had a business to begin with. If people aren’t willing to pay for your service that says a great deal about your product.

        This verdict in favor of the Beastie Boy is part of a bigger news story that includes Indie Music Groups standing up to YouTube and Book Publishers who are standing up to Amazon.

        Innovation is a wonderful thing, but a gadget will never replace the inspiration of great art, nor will it last very long.

        Steve Jobs talking about the difference between technology and art:
        This Video was posted on YouTube by the Silicon Valley Historical Society the owners of this content. To purchase the complete Steve Jobs Interview and see other clips from the video please visit their site.

  2. ChaChing

    Weren’t the Beastie Boys in trouble last year for illegal samples on old songs?

  3. I wonder who drinks it

    What kind of idiots drink Monster Energy frequent enough to make the company so much money that the top boys don’t care about the law?