Justin Bieber Beats Out Donald Sterling for Biggest Bigot Award…

This is the second blatantly racist video to emerge from Justin Bieber this week

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  1. come on...

    what was he, like 10 when this was filmed?


    I think that if black people want white people to stop using the N-Word then they should stop using it themselves! Or don’t get all upset about white folks using it! For instance I just counted 39 N-words in one 3:50 DMX Song. White people are buying and listening to this music and are hearing it so many times that they are using it often. For instance one of my 31 year old friends owns every 2pac CD and still listens to harder rap and he uses the word often because he hears and sings along to it a lot.

    • DC


      First off, what we do in our community is nobody’s business but ours, so stop trying to police us.

      This is about a Bieber and his faults, not about what the black community needs to do.

      Furthermore, the version of the word that WE use amongst each other in OUR community is NOT the version of the word that has the racist connotation and ends in “er”.

      And to your point, if every black person today stopped using the word, its not going to change the fact that there are bigots everywhere who will continue to call us n***ers because THEY invented that version in the first place.

      If white people want to take part in BLACK culture by listening to BLACK music then there are rules that come along with that. Nobody is forcing you to listen to black music, it just happens to be powerful enough to pull in people from all walks of life.

      If you can’t be respectful of the people and their culture then go listen to Elvis.

      • Greybread

        why must you divide the community by color? are we all not still brothers? it’s that mentality that keeps us divided. us and them and the other ones over there. not defending JB, he’s a stooge, but you seem intelligent.

        what we do in our communities is everyone’s business, unless you build walls around it. shut your mouth and open your eyes.

      • hippydog

        Quote “First off, what we do in our community is nobody’s business but ours, so stop trying to police us.”

        Well, you cant have it both ways..

        If I went around saying F*ck all the time around my 8 yr old, and she started saying it, guess who’s fault that is?

    • DeezNizzuhh

      Black want white people to stop hating. Black people want to wake up one day and believe that racism is a thing of the past. But low and behold, 150 years later, white children are still singing hate filled songs that would’ve fit authentically on a Mississippi plantation in 1835. Yay post racial America!

  3. Smokestar

    He did not use the word with malice.

    • DC

      And who are you to judge that?

      If it offends ONE person in the community then its ONE too many PERIOD.

      If he was making anti-semitic remarks you better believe the Jewish community would have his head on a platter, and MY community shouldn’t settle for anything less.

      • Willis

        Which side of your mouth are you talking out of now? Previously, it was stated that the black community using the N word offended others and you defended it.

  4. Ben Webster

    I will not defend Justin Bieber, but there’s no way this beats out Donald Sterling. Donald Sterling engaged in systemic discrimination that resulted in the real, measurable subjugation of African American people and African American communities. Justin Bieber is/was a stupid kid. He was offensive, but he was no where near the level of damaging that Donald Sterling has been.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I see your point, but celebrities like Bieber have an immense amount of influence, especially over such a young demographic. If I’m a 16 year old girl, I can’t relate to Donald Sterling. But I can relate to Bieber.