Indie Label Organizations Seek Government Intervention Against YouTube…

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Indie label organizations recently took a stand against YouTube’s upcoming music streaming service. They are protesting the terms of YouTube’s agreements.

Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment have already negotiated deals with YouTube. The company is refusing the enter into negotiations with indie labels.

YouTube has presented indie labels with an unfavorable contract, saying they must sign it or their content will be blocked from the platform. Indie label organizations say the contract contains unfavorable rates that undermine current market value.

YouTube has refused to make any public comment on the issue.

The BPI (British Recorded Music Industry) has now joined the campaign. They represent the major labels and 300 indie labels. BPI’s CEO Geoff Taylor told Music Week:

“A healthy independent sector is crucial to the success of British music overall. We will strongly support the campaign for fair access for independents and we call on YouTube to demonstrate that it respects and values independent music.”

Indie labels are also asking for urgent government intervention.

Alison Wenham, CEO of the Association of Independent Music, has sent a letter to the UK’s Secretary of State for Business, Vince Cable MP. Read it here.

In the U.S., Richard Bengloff, President of the American Association of Independent Music, has sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission. Read it here.

Updates as they become available.


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6 Responses

  1. yes

    I would like to thank Edward Snowden, because without his actions Google would not be in this position today.
    Notice how Google’s paid bloggers are not talking about anything at the moment. Radio silence!

  2. great news!

    This is not the first time this company is acting this way.

    Remember when Google had to pay 500 million USD to keep their top executives out of jail, after the feds discovered that Google was selling illegal substances via AdSense?

    A big act should write an album about this company. Let’s see if they index the official site…….hmmm…….

    • Anonymous

      “A big act should write an album about this company.”

      Don’t even think about it. Google would send a cease & desist immediately. Eric Schmidt is a firm believer in Intellectual Property — as long as it is Google’s Intellectual Property, we’re talking about.

    • jw

      Google wasn’t selling anything except for advertising inventory. And the substances themselves weren’t illegal, it was the method of sale that was illegal.

      There is a HUGE difference between “Google was selling ad space to Canadian pharmacies” and “Google was selling illegal substances.”

  3. FarePlay

    Interesting there are so few comments here. This is exactly what many of us have wanted for so long. Artists and Indie labels speaking out about the rampant injustice from Internet companies as it pertains to music and now book distribution.

    Google’s YouTube has been flying under the radar as ground zero for unotherized, free file sharing. While it has been pointed out that Google clearly has no appetite for removing infringing sites from the top of their search, perhaps even more glaring is the easy access to software used to download videos and music from YouTube.

    It’s bad enough that we allowed interactive streaming services to exist, but to allow pirate sites to exist in 2014, fifteen years after Napster is a travesty and a tragedy. To few are making too much money, while artists get an increasingly short end of the stick.

  4. Esol Esek

    News that Google and Amazon are the enemies of creatives and the planet aren’t new. Meanwhile, generation occupy is so busy taking and consuming the filthy lucre, their supposed morals are nowhere to be found.