Mixify Raises $1.8 Million and Launches Live Streaming Software for Club DJ Sets…

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Mixify, a live streaming platform for DJs, has launched Mixify Clubcast, moving it out of beta.

Platforms like Boiler Room use the internet to bring the club experience to viewers’ homes.  Clubcast flips this model; DJs can use Clubcast to broadcast DJ sets to clubs without actually having to be there.

Clubcast uses two-way  HD video and “club quality” audio. Not only can the crowd see and hear the DJ, but the DJ can see and hear the crowd.


Mixify has also raised $1.8 million in Series A funding. Investors include:

  • DJ Tommy Trash, who is one of the first to use Mixify Clubcast
  • Tim McGee and Richard Mergler from Ministry of Sound Australia
  • Jamie Olsen of CMB Capital


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5 Responses

    • Nina Ulloa

      I highly doubt that’s why Tommy Trash & Ministry of Sound invested in this

  1. hippydog

    I’m willing to bet real money that this will be an epic failure..

  2. DirtySoapMusic

    Why don’t you hacks ^^^ go: A) do something better B) Go F*#k your hater self’s C) Crawl back under the rock you came out from. Your choice. Mixify is a great tool. Period I can see Clubcast being used at dance clubs I work for right now. What a great way to had something extra not just to clubs and their patrons but for the dj. Not every dj makes 200k a show. There’s a lot of small clubs around the country (world) that might be able to have that 200k dj for a dime now. This software is like a hammer… If you don’t know how to use it, your not going build a house with it. Let the haters start hating….

    • Anonymous

      Don’t really think you “hammered it home” with that one.

      Mixify is a nascent startup with some cash behind it at the moment. Scores of these platforms have come and gone in the past 5 years, and while similar Sponsor based services like Boiler Room do actually manage to create a viable business model, it’s very possible this will not make the cut.

      Also, I wouldn’t get so emotional on this site, it makes you either look like a shill for the company, or out of touch. It’s just the internet, bro.