Game of Thrones Breaks Its Own File-Sharing Record…

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7.1 million people tuned in to HBO to watch the Game of Thrones season four finale episode, “The Children”.  And what about the people that cannot, or will not, subscribe to HBO?

This episode has now broken the record for the largest BitTorrent swarm of all time, according to TorrentFreak.

Over 250,000 people were sharing the file at the same time. The record was previously held by a different Game of Thrones episode, which was shared by 200,000 people simultaneously.

In the twelve hours after the show aired, around 1.5 million people illegally downloaded it.

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    • dUb

      Because it’s those people that keep the public dialogue alive, that convince the 7.1 million to keep paying their monthly fee to HBO.

  1. Anonymous

    Go away, Nina. You’re not even remotely relevant.

    • smg77

      These articles are a nice change of pace from Paul’s racist rants about Dr. Dre.