Amazon Prime Members Have Streamed ‘Tens of Millions’ of Songs…

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It’s not just moms using this thing!  Amazon Prime Music launched on June 12th, less than two weeks ago. In that time, Amazon says that members have streamed “tens of millions of songs”.

Amazon also says that Prime members have added tens of millions of songs and millions of playlists to their libraries, but no specific numbers have been given.  Steve Boom, Amazon’s VP of Digital Music, says these numbers greatly exceed Amazon’s expectations.

More as early numbers trickle in…

2 Responses

  1. TuneHunter

    New injection of NAPALM burning the MUSIC HOUSE!

    Thank you UMG boys for playing with matches – someone big better wake up and stop this INFERNO.

  2. Willis

    It’s a success! It’s a success! It’s a success!

    (next rooftop)

    It’s a success! It’s a success! It’s a success!

    shout. rinse. repeat.