Italian Crowdfunding Platform Musicraiser Raises $477,000…

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Musicraiser is an Italian crowdfunding platform for the music industry. It was launched 18 months ago.

Musicraiser has the same capabilities as every other crowdfunding platform, but only music-related projects are accepted. Backers contribute money and get perks, and the projects are only funded if they reach their goal amount.

The company has announced that they’ve raised €350,000 ($477,134). Funding came from B-Ventures and Key Capital. Musicraiser will use this funding to open a London office, expanding to the U.K.

According to Musicraiser, projects on their platform have raised over €1,000,000 ($1,363,240) in total.


9 Responses

  1. Vincent Despins

    What’s the difference with Pledge Music?

  2. jw

    I hope to god they’re going to use that money to hire a designer. And rebrand themselves. MusicRaiser not only sounds terrible, it makes no sense. I understand that Italian is their first language, but if they’re expanding into an English speaking country, someone ought to tell them that “raising” & “funding” seem similar but can’t be used interchangeably.

    • Nina Ulloa

      not every company has a name that explicitly spells out what they do

      • jw

        Yeah, you’re raising money for music. Obviously. It’s not the music that’s being raised. The music is being funded. The money is being raised. They make the mistake in their UI, too… in order to fund a project, the button says “raise.” It doesn’t make any sense. The user him- or herself isn’t raising anything… they raised the money that they would be using to fund the project by going to work. Obviously it’s just a poor translation from Italian. I can see how the mistake could be made, but with $1b, you could hire someone to fix those mistakes.

        Also, for $1b, your site shouldn’t look like it was designed by a developer.

        I don’t think either of these issues are up for debate.

        • Nina Ulloa

          well, getting worked up over their name is pretty ridiculous

          • jw

            Oh I’m not worked up, it’s all very matter-of-fact.

            It’s great that they’re taking off in Europe. There should be an easily accessible crowdsourcing platform everywhere… that’s the ultimate manifestation of the democracy of the internet. If the people want to raise $65k to put a 10′ RoboCop statue in Detroit, it should certainly be. But this service is never going to be competitive in America. Most especially with a terrible name & their language issues. But they have a billion dollars. Porvi rimedio!

        • Versus

          To be generous, perhaps it’s an intentional meaning, in that the quality of music is also being raised (ideally).

  3. Anonymous

    YouTube now launches its attempt to kill services like Patreon and Musicraiser:

    Fan Funding.

    And surprise, surprise: YouTube only charges 5% (plus, I suspect, a Paypal fee). Great.

    Except this is Google after all, so here’s the catch: It also charges a 21 cents transaction fee.

    Now, that doesn’t sound of much. But most users only tip you about $1. So 21 cents mean 21% in most cases — which means YouTube is going to take 26% where other services often take about 5%…