Google Will Incorporate Songza into Google Play Music and YouTube…

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We previously covered Google’s quest to buy a curated music service. Google made offers on both Songza and 8tracks.

Now, Google has sealed the deal by announcing the acquisition of Songza. The price has not been disclosed.

Songza says they are “thrilled” to join Google.

For now, Songza will remain unaffected, and their users can keep using the service. In the coming months, Google plans to incorporate Songza into Google Play Music. This seems like a good move, as Google Play needs a serious makeover.

Google also says that they will bring Songza’s “great work to the music experience on YouTube and other Google products“.

Google is preparing to launch YouTube’s streaming music service using tactics that are very unfavorable to independent labels.


9 Responses

  1. Paul Resnikoff

    Seems like Songza now has two trajectory possibilities: (1) growing substantially outside of their niche thanks to their new Google parent, or (2) getting totally buried and forgotten just six months later, thanks to their new Google parent.

    • Anonymous

      AdWeek ran a funny story about epic Google failures yesterday.

      The list was quite impressive: Orkut, Dodgeball, Latitude, Google Buzz, Google+ and Google… what’s-it-called? Access All Music Play?

      And Indiegate — Google’s current PR-disaster — more than suggests that YouTube will be added to the list in the near future.

      So I’ll vote for option (2)…

  2. Bill Rosenblatt

    Most definitely #2. Google needed to check the “radio” box but didn’t want to spend real money. Songza always struck me as the “cheap and cheerful” model – a nice little service, with emphasis on “little.”

    • Mark

      Songza is a great product. Their professionally curated playlists are second to none. Far superior to Pandora’s and other similar services’ semi-automated playlists. Combining the that sort of playlist quality with a la cart consumer driven song is a winning combination. Plus, Google Play is getting a devoted Songza customer base who will gain tons of value from Google’s scale. I had no desire to spend money on Google Play before the Songza purchase. Now, I’m in. Armchair critics are looking in their rear view mirrors. Those looking forward are excited about this move.

  3. Truth

    Of all the services, Songza plays the least trustworthy music. It’s as if they were more concerned about making 100s of playlists for each silly category rather than caring about the music and only selecting the best songs to fill a particular category. I dont need 200 playlists for “Morning Coffee” and I love my morning coffee.

    Good riddance.

    P.S. – Is Google going to keep Songza’s highly phallic mascot?

  4. Truth

    Are the math questions getting harder or is it just me?

  5. FarePlay

    With the exception of Spotify, who purchased Echo Nest, looks like the other players are getting ready for a serious Beats Music roll out this fall.

    I wonder if Google threatened to seriously bury Songza in search if they didn’t sign the contract.