Vanderbilt Buys Sony Music’s Historic Nashville Building…

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Vanderbilt University has purchased Sony Music’s historic building, located just off Music Row. The 77,000 square foot building and parking garage are located across from the university.

The university already occupies 27,000 square feet in the building. Live Nation and a couple other tenants also occupy some space.

Vanderbilt says they will use the building for academic purposes, using it to consolidate staff currently working out of leased office space.

Sony is expected to move to offices in the Gulch that will soon be constructed. For now, they will lease some space in the building from Vanderbilt.


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2 Responses

  1. danwriter

    Part of a larger dismantling of Music Row, whose true value now is as real estate rather than music. RCA Studio A has won a reprieve for now, but the developer’s assertion that he can build out around a working tracking studio is disingenuous, buying time to let the squawking die down. And Sony might have it right: the Gulch area is becoming the new creative habitat in the city, along with a few other “new” neighborhoods. Music Row is becoming to Nashville what Bourbon Street has become to New Orleans — a tired tourist attraction.

  2. Fred Von Kleinman

    If Sony would just come out with something like the Betamax, they could hold on to their assets.