Moby Protects Bootleg Remixes from DMCA Takedowns…

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Moby recently posted on his Facebook page, saying that he would do his best to prevent DMCA takedowns of bootleg and unofficial remixes of his songs.

This can be a difficult task when labels are involved, but the sentiment is appreciated.

Bootleg remixes are commonplace in this golden age of technology and electronic music, and many rising producers have found their ticket to notoriety with unofficial remixes. If done right, unofficial remixes are the equivalent of free advertising for the original artist.

Moby is now boosting rising producers by posting bootleg remixes on his Facebook page. His team is also assisting producers that have had their bootleg remixes taken down in the past.

This is just the latest example of well-known musicians and producers voicing their support for an open online music culture. Kaskade recently said that sharing helps artists, fans, and the entire industry, noting:

“We have moved beyond the exhausting notion that our greedy hands need to hold onto these tunes so tightly. The world just doesn’t work like that anymore.”


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7 Responses

  1. Guile


    Happy to see him following up like this after he made so much of his content available to remix etc. It’s one thing to put it out there, another thing to back it up once folks are doing something with it!

  2. Pay

    Ppl should pay something for content whether it is nominal or not.

  3. Versus

    Kaskade condemned his own character as follows: “our greedy hands need to hold onto these tunes so tightly”. Do you realize how many musicians you injure by making such statements?

    Speak for yourself. Some of us just want to be able to survive, pay our bills, and support our families from our work.

    If that’s being “greedy”, then we should all just work for free and starve to death.

  4. Versus

    By the way, let’s see Kaskade put his money where his mouth is, and stop taking any payment for his records and shows also. Also, he should return any money made from his music previously as well.

    • There is+something...

      Totally dumb statement. Moby and Kaskade aren’t telling you should not make money with your music. Remixes can bring you a lot of promotion and please fans. And that lead to more sales of the original work. When you take down a remix or cover, you don’t get any additional money, you don’t get any additional promotion and you take the risk to piss off actually paying fans.