Music Vault Adds 13,000 Live Concert Videos to YouTube…

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Concert footage channel Music Vault will be adding 12,000 live videos to YouTube.

This is in addition to the 1,000+ videos that Music Vault has already uploaded.

Music Vault has spent the past two years restoring, mixing, and mastering live tapes. Their archive of live videos spans many decades, and includes both older and newer bands. Peter Frampton, Santana, Sevendust, and Cayucas are just a few of the artists represented on the channel.

The channel will collaborate with Daytrotter, Paste Magazine, and others on new content.

Music Vault is operated by memorabilia company Wolfgang’s Vault.


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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    I’d prefer new indies to all that old stuff.

  2. Paul Callanan

    Nothing wrong with the GOOD Old Stuff.

    • Anonymous

      The great thing about YouTube was…

      1) It was free and
      2) You could find all the new stuff.

      But the Google guys are getting old, and they don’t like new stuff anymore.

      So they’re removing all the indies that don’t want to sign a controversial contract — that could be anything from 5% to 32% of the entire industry — and they’re hiding the rest behind a paywall.

      What’s left is a museum with hours and hours of lovely Santana videos.