Arctic Monkeys and George Michael Accused of Tax Evasion…

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Earlier this year, Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner gave a bizarre speech at the BRIT Awards. Turner made rock n’ roll sound like the underdog, saying it makes its way out of the sludge and smashes through glass ceilings. This speech is even weirder now that the band has been accused of tax evasion, sheltering up to $1.89 million.

A list of around 1,600 British citizens was given to The Times.  These citizens allegedly sheltered a combined £1.2 billion ($2.06 billion) in the “Liberty tax scheme”.  The scheme’s legality will be questioned in court next year.

All four Arctic Monkeys members were named in the list.  They allegedly paid £38,000 to £84,000 in fees so they could shelter between£557,000 and £1.1 million. The band has not commented on the matter.

George Michael, Katie Melua, Gary Barlow, and Sir Michael Caine were also named in the list.

Melua’s spokespeople say she paid back the money she owed once she realized she was taking part in a tax avoidance scheme.


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5 Responses

  1. danwriter

    British celebrity tax exiles have existed since the 1960s, forced to spend X amount of time outside the UK per annum in order to avoid the UK’s notoriously high tax rates.

  2. Clare

    You need to get your facts right. None of these people have been accused of tax evasion which is a crime. It is tax avoidance which is a legal loophole in the British tax system.

  3. Rusty

    how was his speech ‘bizarre’? Rock n’ roll is the fucking underdog now.