The Complete & Total Collapse of Robin Thicke…

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13 Responses

  1. Blahblahblah

    Also consider the fact that people are even less interested this year in buying any music than they were last year. Don’t think Thicke’s fans are vinyl buyers.

  2. ridic

    Boring…file this under “beating dead horse”/ “everyone’s well aware” / “slow news week”

    This story has been dissected and recounted by every media outlet ad nauseam … if you insist on rehashing it yet again at least humor us with some new info or data or commentary or theory…SOMETHING that sheds new mind blowing light and explains how this is currently newsworthy.

    We’ve seen the numbers. We saw the bad press. We know the story. Next subject.


    • yo

      Correct. Run this story three/four weeks from now after the chips have fallen a bit.

  3. McG

    The sadder fact is that 25k records is still good for a top 10 album in the US. The UK tally is particularly striking. 530? Ouch.

  4. morrie

    McG beat me to it. 25k wouldn’t have cracked the top 200 back in the good old days where people bought music.
    people who really think the music industry is in a good place need to have their collective heads examined.

  5. Ritch Esra

    I believe this says something that is more important and illuminating than just the lackluster sales of one example. It illustrates in a very dramatic way how he has no real music fan base to speak of. What he has are popular culture fans who respond to a catchy song, but their interest doesn’t go beyond this. This has always been a very real problem for any pop artist in this era who doesn’t develop a strong connection to their audience beyond hit singles. Let’s not forget a very important (and unmentioned fact) this was Thicke’s 6th album. If he hasn’t developed a strong connection (or any real music connection for that matter) beyond just having hit singles at this point, I don’t believe he ever will.

    Other acts, like Gaga for example are also in the pop world, but she has a very strong and powerful connection to her audience beyond if she has “hit singles” or not. Her latest release has had no “hit singles” to speak of, but she is still able to tour extensively because she has a real audience who will pay to see her live. I don’t believe even after 6 albums that Robin Thicke has that much of a real audience at all.

  6. dummy

    This is not his first album. Why are ya’ll acting like this is nothing more than a way to add fuel to storyline for his next one…

    He’s sold 22k before too… and went on to sell 800k of said album

  7. jw

    I think it’s premature to say he’s washed up, but it’s clear that he doesn’t have a very strong fanbase. It’s going to be a lot harder for him to get back to where he was with Blurred Lines, because people have already heard of him. It’s much harder the second time around.

    I think the real story here is that you can’t write a record about being totally sleazy, & then follow that up with an apology that nobody asked for. Why would someone who was fine with him grinding up on Miley Cyrus be the least bit interested in the content of this record? (Granted, I say that without having heard any of it, just going on what I’ve read.)

    What Robin Thicke has right now, as far as I can tell, is a huge branding problem.

  8. Duke

    meanwhile he’s headlining lots of festivals this summer-So much for ones career being over