These Smart Headphones Have a Built-In Video Camera…

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Soundsight is releasing a new set of bluetooth headphones packed with features that put most other pairs to shame. I can’t personally vouch for the quality, but the features sound pretty dang cool.

Soundsight headphones are essentially what you would get if you stuck a GoPro camera into some fancy headphones and added extra features.

They offer hi-fi sound with a frequency range of 16 – 20,000 Hz. They also offer noise cancellation, USB audio output, and voice control.

The camera inside the headphones can take photos in 1080p and can record video in 720p. Recording is triggered by a button on the side of the headphones. There are also six microphones in the headphones.

Soundsight headphones connect to Android and iOS mobile devices, where users can edit their footage in the Soundsight app. Users can add music to their videos in the app. There are a range of filters to choose from, and there’s a ColorTune feature that auto-matches video color to music.

The app also offers a live stream feature, broadcasting in 640p. Users can broadcast video live from their headphones in real time. This could be a great tool for DJs.


Soundsight says battery life is 4 hours when all features are activated, and 18 hours when only noise cancellation is activated.

A software development kit is also available for third party apps and accessories, so these headphones have endless possibilities.

A limited run of Soundsight headphones is available for $349 each. After that, the price will go up to $499.


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    • Thedenmaster

      I agree. Beats are way over hyped. Not good for anything.
      Try KRK.

      • Frederick J.+Dinkledorf

        Bingo. Try JBL Quincy Jones series or the new Shure SRH series.