Rap Genius Expands to Include Rock Music and Literature…

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Rap Genius has rebranded as Genius, expanding their vision to include rock, literature, and more. This expanded offering was already available on the startup’s app, named Genius.

Rap Genius has also raised $40 million to help them expand even further. The Guardian reports that this money will be used to expand into pop music, history, sports, television, and film.

In a blog post, Genius’ two co-founders (the third co-founder was fired earlier this year) said:

“In retrospect this was inevitable. Any text can be as layered, as allusive and cryptic, as worthy of careful exegesis as rap lyrics. Furthermore, it’s simply not possible to create a website that annotates rap alone, just as it’s not possible to create a website that annotates any individual slice of human culture—because no slice of human culture stands on its own.”

The co-founders also said that their site has more tools on the way, such as the ability to make websites annotatable.


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