Spotify: “Our Mission Is to Ensure a Fair Digital Deal for Artists”

As WIN’s Fair Digital Deals Declaration gains steam…

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15 Responses

  1. Kyle Williams

    Nothing beats a PR blitz…well it’s only one tweet, but they are trying to trend that hashtag?? Come on guys.

  2. David

    So Spotify’s contracts don’t include Non Disclosure Agreements after all??

  3. Willis

    Mission Accomplished! No, wait, those words were already used incorrectly in recent years.

  4. Alex Jarvis

    At .0003 cents/play going to the artists, the only thing they are pro is professional rip off artists.

  5. Stacy Lee

    they are feeling the pressure! keep up the good work!

  6. is not rocket science

    Hey Spotify, want to know what a fair deal is?

    When both sides profit.

  7. Steve

    Shouldn’t it say a fair deal for ‘every’ artist?