TuneCore Paid Out $33,200,000 to Artists Last Quarter…

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TuneCore’s music distribution service doesn’t have the best reputation, from disgruntled customers to disgruntled employees.  But, TuneCore is likely trying to improve that image with their latest stats from the second quarter of this year.

TuneCore says that in Q2 they paid out over $33.2 million to their artists, an 18.4 percent increase from last year.  Tunecore hit one million registered account holders earlier this quarter.

The latest announcement brings TuneCore’s total payouts to $438.8 million since their 2006 launch. This amount covers 8.8 billion streams and downloads.

TuneCore distributes to 80 digital stores and outlets, operating in over 200 countries and territories.


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8 Responses

  1. Darryle Totty

    Those numbers belong to Universal Music Group not Tunecore. Tunecore is a lie. Do your research on tunecore.

    • el visitor'

      awesome for tunecore, and congrats to those artists – but really, so what? $33m worldwide in a $7b domestic business… this is the “etsy economy” not digital/internet empowerment.

      According to the chart above Tunecore has been paying an average of about $50m a year to artists and rights holders and I bet if you looked at a ranked sales chart it follows the same 80/20 (or worse) and the highest earners are most likely NOT new indie artists but rather legacy artists from the old record industry who have the benefit of years of corporate marketing and promotion in the millions of dollars.

      so again, congrats to all, but so what… this would be exciting if they were paying out $1b a year.

  2. Anonymous

    “TuneCore’s music distribution service doesn’t have the best reputation”

    …on DMN — because TuneCore won’t discuss their former employees (i.e. Jeff Price) with Paul in public.

    • catchyusername

      Contacting the state attorney general constantly about the general amuterishness is really the way to go.

  3. ray harrison

    So if they have 1million registered users.. I’m guessing they must have at least 3-5 million tracks in the system. But let’s say they have 1 million tracks making money.. that would mean each track made $33.50 in 3 months.. or roughly $10/month.
    Now also take into account that that is the average. So $0 represents the lowest number and the upper tier is potentially limitless. The Average is still $10/month. No wonder they sell you on the idea that you should keep 100% of your money.. They don’t want it.. There’s more money in the transaction of selling the dream.

  4. Catchyusername

    Tunecore is amateurish little shits and the publishing administration ridiculous as well. Stay away from tunecore. Stay away from tunecore