AudioBlocks Offers Unlimited Stock Music for $99 a Year…

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A growing number of companies are venturing into the world of royalty-free stock music. Shutterstock and Epidemic Sound are two examples of this.

Now, VideoBlocks (a royalty-free stock video service) has joined the royalty-free stock music game with their new platform, AudioBlocks. VideoBlocks also runs GraphicStock, a royalty-free stock image library.

AudioBlocks will soon have a library of 100,000 “high quality” tracks, sound effects, and loops. Subscriptions are $99 a year and come with unlimited downloads. In contrast, Shutterstock licenses are between $79 and $499 per track.

New users can test out the service with a seven day trial, which comes with 140 downloads.


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17 Responses

  1. yes

    That’s why companies like Dittybase went bankrupt.

    • Anonymous

      Is it true that the owner disappeared and that the writers never got paid?

      • true

        Yes, it’s true. Lance took our money and run away.

      • bankrupt my a$$

        Dittybase didn’t go bankrupt. They vanished into thin air to avoid paying the writers.

  2. Minneapolis Musician

    More evidence of an oversupply of “good enough” music now that the means of production (digital audio recorders and effects, virtual instruments, and loops) are available to everyone.

    • McG

      When food and any other tangible good / service can be infinitely digitally copied and downloaded, then it will be free. Music and the print media are merely the first victims. No scarcity = no value.

  3. Willis

    This is not a fail, but a future fail. Crystal ball don’t fail me now.

  4. Radio DJ/Programmer

    YAY! Thank you. You just gave me a source to solve a major problem. Today, one can buy 15 sec spots on some stations for $15-$20 each. Spending $100 for a music bed is cost prohibitive, when you also pay $20 and up per voiceover for someone to cut the spot. This helps. Thank you. I am signing up as we speak.

    • equals

      If you can’t afford to spend $100 for good music, then the product you are pushing is not good enough.

      • Lavid Dowery

        I agree.

        If you can’t charge – and get people to pay – $100 for your music, then maybe the music you are pushing is not good enough.

  5. Radio DJProgrammer

    AudioBlocks is totally free for the first 7 days. You won’t be billed unless you keep your account open past the 7-day trial period, and then it is just $49.00 per month for unlimited downloads.

    • JSerr

      is it $99 for unlimited downloads as the article states or $49/mo for unlimited downloads as you say?

      • sounds like a scam to me

        How much do the composers receive from that?!

  6. Austin

    Hey Guys, little late to the convo. I would check out over They have a way better library for a better deal. I’ve been real happy with there service. Cheers!