Conor Oberst Drops Lawsuit Against Woman Who Falsely Accused Him of Rape…

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Conor Oberst recently forgave Joan Elizabeth Harris (aka Joanie Faircloth) for falsely accusing him of rape, after she publicly apologized. Harris originally said Oberst raped her 10 years ago in a fabricated comment on xoJane. The story spread across the internet, quickly becoming an issue.

Oberst had to wait six months for an apology, and now he’s ready to move on. He has completely dropped the libel lawsuit he had filed against Harris.

Oberst’s publicist told Buzzfeed:

“Conor had his lawyer ask the Judge to dismiss the complaint against Joanie Faircloth. Conor’s only goal throughout these court proceedings has been to expose the truth. As per his statement of last week: he looks forward to moving on to happier times.”

The notice of voluntary dismissal of the case is also available via Buzzfeed.


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13 Responses

  1. Jughead

    Yet, a certain percentage of people will always remember him as being involved in some kind of sexual assault. Impossible to completely un-ring the bell.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I can’t understand why you wouldn’t go after this person. I can be really cynical sometimes, but this is actually starting to smell a little funny to me. After all, a libel/defamation suit digs up all the unsavory details, especially if this woman fights the case. I don’t have any hard facts, but I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t more underneath all of this…

      • Miguel Lasvinwitz

        Misandry is quite a new topic among the entertainment biz, but one thing to consider is whether the musician will win the case or not.

        First of all, I agree with your statement that there is more to the story.

        However, in countries such as U.S.A and Canada, the justice system in most cases takes every word of the female as truth. In this case, the male, who is viewed as an oppressor in the eyes of the SPLC and ACLU. He will be under more scrutiny by the justice system and in the end he might incriminate himself. Take into factor that if a female claims that he approached her, or anything which she can exaggerate, he can end up as a defendant, therefore the musician may have tried to steer away from the court, or he is blind to the misandry.

    • Miguel Lasvinwitz

      He is getting a lot of coverage on the manosphere and dating blogs, he might be trying to tap into a niche market? Men’s rights music?

      The double standards in American and Canadian society would be: what if a male fan accused a female songwriter of the same charges? Oh yes, these types of accusations occur in public schools & in many of the cases the male student ends up as the troublemaker.

      Worse yet, if an under-aged female fan made the same false accusation against the male musician? He’d probably be seeing a lynch mob of opportunists and women worshippers at his front door.

      This takes into factor the seriousness of sexual assault allegations in Western society. A man only has to be merely accused of something, and his life can end up on the rocks.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        “A man only has to be merely accused of something, and his life can end up on the rocks.”

        I wish this wasn’t the case, but I’ve seen it happen to someone I know. He was completely innocent of similar charges, and was ultimately exonerated by the court. But before that happened, he lost tens of thousands of dollars, a great job, and a huge chunk of his life. The county prosecutor was chasing him as if he was a predatory animal, and if he had less resources he’d probably be locked up.

        Ultimately, the ‘victim’ produced a very similar letter, explaining that the charges were completely false and unmerited.

        • Vanessa

          Author agrees with a misogynist. Blames women and defends rapists. Pathetic! I’m sharing this article with Jebezel

          • Nina Ulloa

            because jezebel thinks women should falsely accuse people of crimes? i don’t think so…

  2. Willis

    Well, this topic certainly got (continues to get) a lot of coverage.

  3. Miguel Lasvinwitz

    I’m currently trying to gain accreditation into the Bar and practice family law, but this musician story is more than a case of a false allegation by a fan over an alleged criminal act 10 years ago.

    Imagine if the musician was one of the best male teachers in elementary school, or a respectable member of society? How would that impact him?

    I’m not sure if the musician is afraid to pursue charges or he is conditioned to forgive women for their actions? As I mentioned before, counter-social movements in the gender organizations appear to be quite new in the entertainment biz.

    • Vanessa

      I hope you get hit by a bus loser! You are confused. Any city in North America where women can think for themselves would seem this way. You have mistaken your intense sexual frustration, social ineptitude, and poorly masked misogyny for the faults of others.

      Your behaviour will never grant you success with women. I repeat. NEVER. You will die in loneliness, in pain, while men who respect women will live a life of jovial pleasure with their beautiful wives. Canadian women are more beautiful, educated and independent than women from other countries, which is exactly why we as Canadians agree to prosecute the clients of prostitution and imprison men who purchase foreign brides against their will. You men are nothing but f***king scum.

  4. Philip

    Okay madame, reign it in a little. I don’t know if you actually are but you are coming across as a nationalistic crazy feminist lady. You are wishing harm upon someone who has never done anything to you except voice opinion that you disagree with. That is no reason to wish harm upon another human being.