Pandora Lost Over $11,000,000 in Q2…

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Streaming revenue is growing year over year, although it’s not growing nearly fast enough to compensate for the declining revenue of other formats.

Pandora’s second quarter report touches on some of the problems that streaming services face, as the streaming business model seems far from sustainable.

Pandora reported $218.9 million in revenue for the quarter, up from $153.4 million last year.

However, they reported a loss of $11.7 million, up from a loss of $6.9 million during the same quarter last year.

MarketWatch reports that Pandora’s total number of active users unexpectedly dropped between May and June, from 77 million to 76.4 million. Total listening hours also went down to 1.61 billion in June, down from 1.73 billion in May. However, these two metrics are actually up from the second quarter of last year. Active users are up 7.5 percent from last year, and listening hours are up 29 percent from last year.

As of July 25th, 4 PM EST Pandora’s shares were down 10.3 percent at $25.75.


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22 Responses

  1. TuneHunter

    It is OVERDUE for Pandora to become $5Billion dollar MUSIC STORE!

    All we need to do is evict mooches like Shazam or Google music and lyric ID guys from the MUSIC HOUSE!
    Then hire them at premium wage and convert them to productive and profitable cashiers of the MUSIC INDUSTRY.

    SIMPLE and fair to musicians and confused looters of the business.

    • Anonymous

      Their listening hours continue to grow despite strong competition. There is no shortage of people seeking a simple audio-only music experience.

      • TuneHunter

        Agree, video is for immature underemployed
        or unemployed youngsters and humans with to much time on hand! The minute you find purpose in life listening becomes primary way to consume music.

        • hippydog

          Tune hunter doesnt like video as completely flies in the face of his idea to monetize music..

          • TuneHunter

            Let’s face it, it is consumed mostly by those with no purpose and goals in life.

            Just check who is advertising on YouTube. So we are no only raping the music industry but the rest of the society that will pay the bill for keeping in shape all pizza, chips and soda abusers.

          • Nina Ulloa

            “video is consumed by people with no goals”


      • Anonymous

        “There is no shortage of people seeking a simple audio-only music experience.”

        That’s just not true.

        YouTube is the world’s leading music site because the majority wants full streaming (unlimited original audio/visual content).

        Spotify and Pandora, on the other hand, lose money 24/7 because there is a shortage of people seeking crippled streaming (audio-only).

        Which shouldn’t come as a surprise. People always wanted to see the stars and now they can, for free. Don’t take it away if you want to make money. The video part of a single today is as important to artists/producers/fans as the music.

        Audio-only today is like silent films after 1929:

        It has it charm, but it can’t compete with new technology.

    • Versus

      What people?

      When I want video, I go to a video site. Most of the time, I just want to listen to music.

      • TuneHunter

        12 year old, chip eating and soda drinking zombies – this type of consumer also limits the advertising income.

      • Anonymous

        “What people? When I want video, I go to a video site. Most of the time, I just want to listen to music.”

        With all due respect, Versus, you’re not like most people.

        YouTube proved that most people want videos. That’s why it is the world’s biggest music site today. While crippled streaming (audio-only) sites like Spotify and Pandora continue to lose money.

  2. dinosaurs

    They should sell some t-shirts and merchandise with their logo.

    Adapt or die.

    Don’t be dinosaurs.

  3. Versus

    Pandora therefore has to increase its income, by charging more to advertisers, raising the price of its paid tier, and abolishing or further limiting its paid tier.

    Then Pandora should increase its pay-outs.

    • TuneHunter

      I have Pandora in the office, last ad I am recalling is local Audi advertisement early in July!
      They do not sale much advertising.
      In the meantime they can deliver the same custom made pleasure and convert themselves to BIG MUSIC STORE! No ads or subscriptions required!

  4. FarePlay

    The death of paid downloads is highly over-rated. Because Pandora is a valid discovery resource for music, perhaps they should revisit selling music. I’m sure they could negotiate a rate that would help them with their bottom line.

    Once again, before you start throwing rotten fruit…. remember those commenting here are not representative of the average listener by any stretch of the imagination.

  5. hypocrites

    Why doesn’t Pandora sell some t-shirts and stickers in order to raise the money they need to pay for rent and food?

    What? They won’t make enough?

    Then why are their paid shills, sorry “tech bloggers” demand that musicians make a living by selling tshirts and stickers?

    • Anonymous

      Yup, just like everything else in the World, and its getting worse and harder.

      I’ve realized I cannot compete with the 1% and with the over saturation and over supply, it’s better to just leave everything up to them! They are the only ones with the budget, the only ones getting the traction and the attention, the ones with the tools, the connections, the opportunities, everything, so I would suggest that the reason they are in the 1% is because they are giving the World what the World wants.

      So I’m just leaving it all up to them, it’s their World I say let them have it!

      If you aren’t in the 1% then it’s pretty much a life on indebted slavery. I wouldn’t bring a life into this World without being int he 1%, just not fair on the child as they have almost zero chance at any sort of life or meaningful existence.

      If the 1% would just toss us a few dollars a month to cover the cost of living we could just put out feet up and get out of the way for them, as we just get in the way of what the World really wants. That would cut down on all the clutter and the noise thus allowing the 1% to make even more, which they should of course.

      I mean the gap is ever widening and nearly impossible to jump across now, especially if you’ve made a few mistakes or poor choices along the road of life. The pit in the Dark Knight makes the leap look really easy, it’s not, can’t do it without a bunch of 1%ers coming back and helping you across. Just the way it is.

      If you ain’t in the 1%, probably don’t even deserve to exist!

      • Anonymous

        Basically it’s like the 1% set this all up, they ball and make money and get the 99% to try and chase that money by making music or apps or whatever, but see what they do is they know the 99% is screwed without them, so they start all the tech companies and tracking companies etc. and sell dreams to the 99% to keep pumping the garbage out, and they make money off the 99% just flailing around in poverty! It’s brilliant!

        So the rich get rich and then richer and the poor get poorer and resort to getting on their knees begging the 1% for some scraps tossed outside the mansion gates to maybe survive another day.

        I mean who wouldn’t do that!

        • Ironic

          Is Pandora the 1%? Or their executives? Or Bieber?

  6. Willis

    At least they are headed in the right direction.