Introducing “YouTube Music Key”

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Google is now reserving a bunch of urls tied to ‘YouTube Music Key,’ including,,,  All of which suggests that this could be the name of YouTube’s upcoming, premium music service.

More mainstream urls like are taken, which means someone could be earning a huge payout in the near future.  Stay tuned…


Story cover image by Taki Steve, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

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  1. Anonymous


    Ah, isn’t that a nice url from the creative team that gave us Google All Play Music Access! :)

    And two c/k-sounds next to another — let’s see, what did I learn about that…

    Anyways, I’m more interested in Tom Oswald’s new YouTube alternative. Isn’t it supposed to launch one of these days?

    • Anonymous

      …and always watch out for details like

      People will use them against you…

      • Anonymous

        …and perhaps even worse: The url tells us what Google is doing: It doesn’t give you anything. It takes something away from you.

        By putting a lock on YouTube.

        The service you loved is no longer free. It’s locked away. And Google expects you to buy the key.

        Next: GmailKey and GoogleKey.

        • Anonymous

          Oh I’m sure they’ll leave a ‘free’ version in there somewhere for all the bedroom superstars.

    • hippydog

      Quote “Anyways, I’m more interested in Tom Oswald’s new YouTube alternative. Isn’t it supposed to launch one of these days? ”

      • Anonymous

        Hey, you know what? This doesn’t look half bad!

        The thumbnail tapestry is cluttered, and each frame should have text below or above (though the overlays are a nice touch) plus more air around it.

        But the basic (upper) GUI is very nice and easy to look at. I hope the white space around the ‘Featured Music Videos’ stays. That’s almost Google-quality.

        The logo is cool too, in fact it’s almost pretty (though I think the red will be missed when ‘Beta’ goes away — perhaps it could go to ‘Popular’ or ‘Popular Categories’ instead? Otherwise, ‘cool’ may turn into ‘cold’), and again, there’s a lot of nice, white space.

        I critizised Oswald for the name, but I’m embarrassed to say that I actually got it all wrong in the first place (I read it as ‘vidiscape’, which didn’t make sense). :(

        VIDescape, on the other hand, is absolutely brilliant. Respect!

        So, Tom Oswald, if you see this: Congratulations — you made a truly promising site and you found an excellent name for it!

        • Anonymous

          …and Paul, if you see this, don’t you think this is worth an article?

        • Anonymous

          …hehe, just had to share my enthusiasm for that name once again!

          People will like it.

        • Me

          I don’t know if this is showing up for anyone else, but at the very top of the site, right in the middle, is a “Support Israel” ad. It’s probably not a good idea to advertise support for a controversial political entity. Why would you want to alienate your company from potential consumers?

        • GGG

          Doesn’t look half bad. Also doesn’t look half good. That might be the most boring, uninteresting site I’ve ever been on. I get the content is the driving force but c’mon, I think I feel asleep after I clicked on that link.

          • Anonymous

            “I get the content is the driving force”

            I think that’s the key.

            Replace the current ‘placeholders’ with better thumbnails — in 16:9, thank you — and add some text (a bit of red, a bit of black and then some bluish links).

            I think it’s wonderful to see a site where design doesn’t stand in the way. No fancy flash, no annoying slide shows. And the most important thing: They’ve got a name with a strong idea in it.

            They can build on that name for years. Innocent escape, perhaps with the slightest naughty touch, is an appealing concept to a large part of the audience they want to reach.

            I honestly think this is a good start.

            Oh, and compare with youtubemusickey… :)

          • Anonymous

            …another thing:

            One of the things I liked was the front page when you clicked a category with only 3-4 thumbnails. This resulted in a very simple page with lots of empty space.

            But if you click on a category with many thumbnails it gets messy. That should be fixed (for example by allowing only 4 thumbnails).

            And the thumbnail size needs to be 16:9. Plus the ‘Related Videos’ column on the player page should flush with the player (perhaps it does in other browsers/resolutions); the black vertical borders are confusing (lose them and the logo can be slightly larger), the player should be bigger, and there’s no need to repeat ‘Popular Categories’ below the comments section…

            Aside from that, the player window looks very nice.

          • Tom Oswald

            Thank you, I do agree and these changes will be brought I’m shortly

  2. Justin

    Google/YouTube will never use these urls; they’re just going to park them as redirects back to their main YouTube site when the product launches. They do this all the time with new products. They probably own close to 10,000+ domain names that they don’t use for anything but redirects.