R. Kelly Too Disgustingly Perverted for Fashion Meets Music Festival…

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R. Kelly has been dropped from the lineup of Columbus, Ohio’s Fashion Meets Music Festival.

FMMF is a music and fashion festival featuring an extremely diverse lineup, including: Michelle Williams, O.A.R., Afroman, Cold War Kids, Ceremony, Circa Survive, Rusko, and many more.

Columbus bands, sponsors, and the public protested R. Kelly’s scheduled appearance, citing a history of sex crime accusations.

R. Kelly was charged with 21 counts of making child pornography in 2002.  He was found not-guilty in 2008, because the ages of the girls in the video evidence could not be identified.

The Chicago Sun-Times has consistently reported on sexual assault charges against R. Kelly, interviewing hundreds of people who claimed R. Kelly hung around high schools to have sex with 14 and 15 years old girls.  The Village Voice recently ran an in-depth look at the Sun-Times’ investigation.

Fashion Meets Music Festival listened to the protests of the Columbus community, and announced that R. Kelly would no longer play the festival via Twitter.


R. Kelly’s publicist released a statement:

“R. Kelly is sorry to disappoint his fans but looks forward to seeing them in the near future during one of his upcoming tours.”


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7 Responses

  1. Willis

    RK has always been creepy and fashion backward. Clothes don’t make a man.

  2. BernieYo

    Sleeping with little girls in training bras don’t make you a man either!!!! Any one supporting his actions are just as sick!!!!smh

    • Paul

      If he was a female teacher would you condemn her actions?

    • Paul

      That’s the marvel of capitalism!! The socialists, Marxists, Commies, Feminists and Neo-Cons would obviously show resentment for seeing a straight black male reap the rewards of his business.

      If full blown socialism was to hit the shores of the USA, it would be the decline of society than ever before.

  3. R.P.

    Good. Fucking sick perverted pedophile. I won’t even listen to his music on Spotify radio if it ever pops up.

  4. Anne

    Paul, it would be every bit as wrong for an adult female to be taking advantage of underage boys. That kind of offense doesn’t get the attention it should because there’s this dangerously ignorant assumption that young boys in that situation “got lucky.” I look at the case of former schoolteacher Pamela Smart in New Hampshire who was teaching teenagers. She was married, but she started an affair with one of the teens. She didn’t want to be married anymore so she got him and another teenage boy to kill her husband. All three of them were caught, tried, and convicted. While they got long sentences with a chance of parole, she is in prison without that possibility. An adult of either gender has no business tampering with the sexuality of a kid of either gender. But we’re talking about R. Kelly, a repeat offender, who has ruined a lot of lives and has never been held accountable before the law.