Buy Jenny Lewis’ Wine, Get a Free Album…

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James Murphy created an espresso blend, then Guided by Voices released a beer. Now, Jenny Lewis has released her own 2014 beverage… wine.

The wine is called The Voyager, which is also the name of Lewis’ new album. Punch reports that the $29.99 wine comes with a free download of the album.

The Voyager is a blend of Carignan, Valdiguie, and Petit Sirah, and is made in Solano County.

Lewis’ Voyager wine is available through the domaineLA store and Night + Market and Night +Market Song, which are two of Lewis’ favorite LA restaurants.


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3 Responses

  1. FarePlay

    Why not. Pricey for a blend from unknown wine maker from a minor wine growing region. If nothing else, she owns both ends of the deal and based on originality , as proven here, can be a hook to gain pr for all involved.

  2. Willis

    Promoting the consumption of alcohol…should make the music sound better.

  3. JeffreyBarkin

    I spent much of my professional career using Music strategically as “the carrot” for sales incentives, loyalty and as branded premium tools…We used slogans like: “No one throws away Music” and “Music leaves lasting impressions”. But times have sure changed!

    It’s GR8 to see Artists deploying creative ways by associating their Art with other commodities or services to generate interest, introduce and sell their Music, while enhancing their “Artist brand”.

    Hope other Artists consider packaging their Tunes in creative ways, particularly if this association can help restore Music’s value.proposition. I think a striving for building a higher perceived Music value CAN ONLY HELP struggling artists. Just make sure you select appropriate partners that we add attraction.

    [And I suggest that you don’t price your Art too low; $29 for wine and Lasting Memories sounds MOST FAIR!]