Apple Confirms Massive Layoffs at Beats…

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Trent Reznor, Ian Rogers, and female-beating billionaire Dr. Dre will all keep their jobs.  But Apple is now in the process of ‘transitioning’ roughly 200 Beats employees into the unemployment line, according to details confirmed by the company this morning.


Because of some overlap in our operations, some offers are for a limited period,” Apple offered in a statement this morning.  “We’ll work hard during this time to find as many of these Beats employees as we can another permanent job within Apple.”


The layoffs leaked late yesterday, with multiple publications – 9to5 Mac, Bloomberg, re/code, and the New York Post – all pointing to a pare-down of roughly 200 employees (9to5 was the first to report the bloody mess).  Overlapping roles like payroll and HR are most vulnerable, with many employees apparently notified that they have just a few months left.

Beats walked into the acquisition with about 700, which means that roughly 30 percent are getting chopped as a result of the multi-billion deal.  Apple has roughly 41,300 employees, according to the latest filings.


Image by Steve Dinn, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0).

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  1. Me

    Whoever is in charge of the sign at Highland Park Junior High needs to be fired. That is unacceptable.

  2. Anonymous

    “female-beating billionaire Dr. Dre”

    Let’s get it over with: This ain’t yellow journalism, this is rock’n roll. 🙂

    Thumbs up.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, but it’s delivered with passion. That’s what makes it rock’n roll. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          This is just the way journalism works these days – haven’t you seen every article on news sites refer to Ray Rice as “female beating millionaire Ray Rice”?

      • Me

        Not necessarily. Beating is a present tense verb. For this to be factual, Dr. Dre would actually have to be beating a female whenever somebody reads the sentence. Is he beating a female right now? We don’t know for sure…

        • jw

          Is an award winning artist winning an award in the present tense at all times?

  3. Albert Shanker

    It’s amazing how a beautiful culture of break dancing, graffiti ,and beat boxin ,was stolen and destroyed by those west coast gang people. Some are now popular movie and TV stars. Some are internet billionaires. Not a talent in the entire motley bunch.

  4. Willis

    Downsizing due to overlapping personnel had to be expected. I’m still in disbelief that this deal happened in the first place. Steve Jobs would be livid.

  5. Joe

    Are you really still on that??? You can’t get over that he put hands on a woman over 20yrs ago??? Are YOU still the person you were 20+ years ago??? Does it annoy you that much that this man did good business and is prospering as a result of it??? That makes you pathetic and immature to refer to him as “”female beating Dr. Dre” …seems like you’re mad that this man is a billionaire and you aren’t!!! And see, I didn’t even play the race card…although it does seem appropriate

    • Versus

      Has Dre ever expressed remorse or attempted to atone for what he did?
      If he would still defend it as justifiable, dismiss it, or even express apparent pride in his chivalry act, then it is very much relevant to the present.

  6. Versus

    Sometimes your the grammar police, sometimes your the grammar criminal

  7. topspinner

    the beats employees are at least getting compensated. what about all the topspin people let go right before the sale of topspin to beats?