Check Out Soundcloud’s Fabulous New Berlin Office Space…

Here’s a look at Soundcloud’s fabulous, 4,000 square meter workspace in Berlin.  It currently houses 180 employees, but has a capacity of over 350.  Many of the interior elements from this former brewery were left unchanged, though additions like visible stairways help to open the space.  Berlin-based KINZO is responsible for the retrofit.

At present, Soundcloud does not compensate artists, but is rumored to be giving equity shares to major labels.

Soundcloud Offices, Berlin

Soundcloud Offices, Berlin

Soundcloud Offices, Berlin

Soundcloud Offices, Berlin

Soundcloud Offices, Berlin

Soundcloud Offices, Berlin

Soundcloud Offices, Berlin

Soundcloud Offices, Berlin

Soundcloud Offices, Berlin

Soundcloud Offices, Berlin

Soundcloud Offices, Berlin




Written while listening to The 1975.

18 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    That’s what I’m talking about, need to get me into that kind of business.

    Just continued evidence that music is mostly a hobby and the money is in screwing creators over while selling them a glorious dream.

    Really need to get programming, think after my next project Ill shelve all music activities and spend a year diving into coding and programming with all my free time and build some flashy cool music app or site and get ballin and living and enjoying life. Already got the name the logo and the .com and business set-up, just need to get the back end and the idea right.

    • Anonymous

      The art of music died when autotune and beat correction were popularized.

      • lou cabaza

        at 67 I have spent nearly half of my income on equipment to make my music as professionally sounding as I can and now there is no sense in trying to even market it due to the internet so I will not release anything but only record for my own satisfaction

  2. Versus

    Do these slovenly freeloaders actually do anything?

    • GGG

      Not that I don’t think SC should have some sort of ad/rev share set up, but you do know there are premium accounts that artists CHOOSE to pay for, right? That’s where a lot of this money comes from. And also they CHOOSE to upload their content?

      This site isn’t an instance of them just uploading music without consent. From users though, yes, as a site grown out of the DJ/remix culture, there is certainly a lot of unauthorized music, which ContentID could do wonders for.

      • Anonymous

        Im hard on them, but soundcloud definitely got a lot of things right.

      • Versus

        I do know what it is. Legitimate content is all well and good, and that’s what the site should be used for. The problem is the wealth of unauthorized content.

        The other problem is that there is currently no way for legitimate users to monetize their content. Of course, there are indirect ways, like adding “buy” links, but no way to monetize the streams directly.

    • Anonymous

      These kind of jobs also pay €120,000+. You know how to get a job at a place like SoundCloud? You learn software development. But the catch is, that requires actual skill and years of intense training including understanding complicated mathematics.

    • basementsong

      HAHAHA… yes, but I’d offer my left testicle to work for them!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Impressive and 3000 sq.ft. bigger than Pandora shack in NY.
    With current Berlin rates they are below $1.5M per year or less than $10K per desk! German thriftiness
    with there times cheeper rent than Pandora.

  4. Andrew B. White

    I can see they made a special cabinet for the “DJ Set Takedowninator”

  5. Spoken X Digital Media Group

    You see all the new wealth and jobs the digital music industry has created; but other elements has been created as well. The death squads are lurking in the midst also. There’s a lottery list out here ! It can be silicon Valley , Bank Of America or even Wall Street just after the bell ring. . . Long live , Osama Bin Laden !

  6. EatNoise

    I didn’t see any working spaces. Which is superbly fantastic. Soundcloud is just a place to hang out, and not work.

  7. Manfred

    Funny! I actually visited them in Feb 2009 – and it certainly looked different. Sorry, forgot to take some pics.