A Quick Guide to Getting Paid as a Musician…

Are you getting paid on all the uses of your music?  This very helpful guide comes from the Music Business Association

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11 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    don’t see hired goons and shakedowns on the list… hmmm…

  2. Dark Money

    OK, but how do I get my hands on some o’ that sweet “dark money” from on-demand streaming services? Equity, “non-attributable advances,” etc.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      This says ‘as a musician’ … hence it’s not included.

    • Anonymous

      i was talking about a consolidation of power earlier, but it kind of got crickets, so i moved on to other things. There just ain’t no other way to do it unless you big big like Adelle or Jack White indie big big, even then…

      Gotta have big stables of the finest stallions around and own them and everything they crap out, all in order to pull equity like that.

      Joe Blow indie muso ain’t got a chance at that ish.


  3. Music Biz Guru

    Great article, now if we could get musicians to follow this. But most don’t understand or chose not to understand if they don’t take care of their business they will end up flipping buglers. You are a musician and a business person.

    • Anonymous

      hey man, Pharell flipped MickeyD pseudo meat patties for awhile, and now he balling with the finest cuts of meat around, so it ain’t no thang. 😉

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Sad but true. A lot of musicians couldn’t care less. Yet all the tools and all the information is right there, and easily available.

    • Anonymous

      Except for the billions labels are making from streaming services and keeping for themselves.

      • JTVDigital

        Which is not the point of such diagram.
        It shows how things work, in theory.
        And as a musician, record label…etc, it’s good to know it to understand your business.

  4. Willis

    A few easy steps, and, abracadabra you’re paid. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it.