WiMP Goes Social, Adds Curated Playlists and HD Music Videos…

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WiMP is one of the only streaming services offering hifi audio, using FLAC and ALAC file formats. Eighty percent of WiMP’s catalogue of 25 million tracks is available in these formats. Their HiFI service is currently being rolled out, and users can request early access. WiMP is available in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland.

Back in June, WiMP expanded into Pakistan through a resale partnership with Telnor. WiMP also added a team in Asia. Dhingana‘s former CEO Rohit Bhatia was hired to lead the team.

Now, WiMP has redesigned their iOS app and added some noteworthy features.

HD music videos have been added to WiMP’s artist pages on iOS. Video was already available on Android and on the web. WiMP has licensed over 75,000 videos from major labels and some smaller labels. Users can view these videos in full screen in-app.

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Streaming services with curated playlists are in demand, just look at the recent Beats and Songza acquisitions. Now, WiMP has curated playlists on iOS too. Users can choose playlists based on “mood” or “situation”. They’ve also included seasonal, event-based, and guest playlists.

WiMP has also added profiles to their iOS app, adding a social element. These profiles include users’ basic info, favorite songs, and playlists,  They’ve also added the ability to login with a Facebook account.


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