Ted Cohen’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Suing Because He Didn’t Buy Her Enough Stuff…

Ted Cohen is a music industry fixer and founder of TAG Strategic.

 “He promised to pay all of her living expenses for the rest of her life…”

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  Cover image taken from page 292 of “The practical book of outdoor rose growing for the home garden” (published 1915).

44 Responses

  1. Steve

    And you posted this why?
    Honestly have you no sense that people’s personal business is just that….personal.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Yeah, except for the part when it becomes a filed lawsuit accessible by the public.

    • Matt

      Absolutely agree with Steve on this one. This isn’t what I’d expect from this publication.

  2. Steve

    That doesn’t mean it needs to reported on a blog that is attempting (a term used loosely about DMN) to report about the music industry. Or have you a beef with Mr Cohen that makes you feel you need to air this type of gutter reporting across all your social media feeds.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Except for the fact that I like Ted. Sorry if that confuses your argument.

      • danwriter

        I suspect the feeling is not reciprocal. Granted, Ted’s ubiquity on the conference circuit makes him a bit of a punchline. Sort of a Durwood Kirby or Fred Durst. But still, what’s the point of bringing this up here? Let TMZ and the Post do what they do best.

        • Paul Resnikoff

          Well, that’s for Ted to decide. Incidentally, I actually thought Ted himself sent me the lawsuit, and wanted it published. But it turned out to be an email account masquerading as Ted, which I think is what happened with TMZ as well.

  3. Rob Levine

    I’m a regular reader of this site because I’m very interested in the topic: DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS. I know Ted is involved in that topic, but I’m really not interested in his personal life. Is anyone?

  4. Slauson Ave

    Hey Paul I guess Game didn’t smash that bottle of bub hard enough on your head now did he? Still gotta get up in people’s business like that.

    NO respect.

  5. Floored by the analysis

    This feels like the equivalent of being forwarded some non-sequitor message without explanation.
    Title, tag line and a single quote…then 14 pages of contract. Thrilling journalism, I must say.
    All sarcasm aside, I don’t think I will continue to follow site claiming to be news that chooses a tabloid format. Report facts or state an opinion, but don’t insult my intelligence with a sensationalized headline and a copy/paste job.

  6. Robert Shapiro

    Well, according to TMZ and the Complaint itself, the issues go far beyond ‘stuff’. “…’Sass tells TMZ .. “I am not looking for a handout, but for justice. I generated more than $1.4 million in revenues for TAG, and I have not been fairly compensated for my contributions.’…” The Complaint also demonstrates more than $200k in monies she paid for real estate. None of this is digital music related (nor is his relevancy), but I guess it is juicy fodder for the sausage factory.

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/08/08/ted-cohen-music-industry-deborah-sass-lawsuit-support/#ixzz3A7bm5PR0

  7. Vail, CO

    Listen up boys and girls, and I do mean “boys and girls”: If someone is promising you stuff verbally, it means NOTHING. And that goes for putting $200,000 into anything (so don’t do that)

    Make him put a ring on it and make him sign something at least. Otherwise you’ve got nothing. ANd you shouldn’t Want anything if it’s true love.

  8. Dry Roasted

    And I thought Vince Vaughan and Jennifer Aniston had a bad break up.

  9. anon

    The headline says it all. She wasted her time and now she’s wasting her money.

  10. JasonHirschhorn

    always found this site informative, from the start. beyond surprised that you posted this. disapointed. It being public means nothing. this is not what you do. I just verified my humanity to post this comment. Verify tour won again?

  11. JasonHirschhorn

    correct: always found this site informative, from the start. beyond surprised that you posted this. disappointed. It being public means nothing. this is not what you do. I just verified my humanity to post this comment. Verify your won again?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I find this strong negative reaction to be really interesting, mostly as a fascinated student of the massive changes that are dismantling journalism as we know it. And, beyond that, the massive changes that fluid, internet-lubricated information are having on our society, relationships and culture at large.

      So, I’m just going to pick out one of the negative comments, in the hopes of springing a dialogue and debate.

      Let me ask you Jason to image a different scenario involving Ted Cohen. Instead of getting divorced, then getting sued by his subsequent girlfriend that replaced his ex-wife, imagine that Ted is now celebrating the birth of a new, baby boy. It is in the context of a very happy relationship (let’s say with Deborah, who is now suing). Let’s further elaborate the story by imagining that Deborah thought she was unable to conceive before, but that through some cutting-edge therapy and treatments pursued by Ted, they were able to have this healthy baby boy.

      Subsequently, DMN publishes pictures of the child, the birth process, Deborah smiling after labor, and the joyous father, Ted. We title the piece, ‘The Music Industry Welcomes Its Newest Mogul, Ted Jr.!’

      Can you tell me what your reaction to this story would be, in all honesty?

      • Not News

        That’s not digital music news, either, because it has nothing to do with a digital music company or with a digital music professional’s professional life. That’s just Ted Cohen News and is what I’d expect to see on his Facebook page.

      • JasonHirschhorn

        Paul, honestly, with me, the question (and I mean this sincerely, is ridiculous) digs a bigger more enormous hole.

        In my eyes, you totally fumbled. It happens. If it were me, I’d apologize and take the post down. But I don’t know what’s in your head. It’s your site, you can do what you see fit. But your audience is largely saying WTF! Now, you can take feedback or not. But I’ve probably been one of your readers longest. This piece shocked me. Why? This is not this site. And I don’t care what others do. I don’t care how the culture may or may not change.

        You have to have a true north. I believe this is not your true north. But this is my opinion of what DMN is or was.

        I don’t know what you actually believe or what your strategy or guide is. I think, you report on, comment on the music business. The changes, the successes, the failures, the disruptions, the future. That’s all I can say and it’s what I think.

        You were better than this. I’

  12. Dan


    it is bad enough that you seem to want to turn this site into Torretfreak lite – putting up articles from that tit Rick Falkvinge for example, but for you to print a divorce filing against a good friend of many people on here is just crap. It smacks of the type of tabloid journalism that goes through peoples rubbish or hacks the phones of dead teenagers. Please stop it – it’s not news – it’s gossip and has nothing to do with the digital music world.

  13. lisa

    Seriously – this is not news. Ted is not on a reality show. I thought this was a music blog site not a gossip site.
    I am out.

  14. Rick Riccobono

    Ted is a good guy and has done much for the industry. He has contributed a ton to individuals and companies and has to be considered one of the driving forces in the creation of new business models we now all take for granted.He has earned some respect.
    Publishing this story is irresponsible and has only a prurient attraction.
    He’ll get through this and hopefully out of the glare of the paparazzi press.

  15. Blake Kuehn

    I am shocked that something of this personal nature would be aired in a public forum, regardless of the fact that the filing is public. How many of us would have thought to go look for something like this? You need to figure out how to make this right, Paul. You can make as many arguments as you’d like but you’re on the wrong side of this one.

  16. Willis

    How does his wife feel about this? Oh yeah.

    Ted is not a “fixer”, but someone who has profited off the back, and created more, of the chaos that always has been in the music/tech space. Not sure why so many are blinded and bow when he enters a room. Lemmings.

    Paul – would you want your dirty laundry aired in this manner?

    • she who wishes to be left unknown but was totally dogged by Cohen publically one year at MIDEMNET for no reason at all except he could not control his ego while concurrently holding a microphone

      karma is a bitch

  17. Jim Snowden

    The answer to the “Verify Your Humanity” to post this was zero…which coincidentally, is exactly the same number as your ‘class’ quotient. Posting this complaint has nothing to do with you, or this blog….your point was what? This is totally wrong and you are pretty much a jerk for posting it!

  18. Prospective Employer

    Well, her career in the music business is over…what a crazy b*tch.

  19. JD

    Take this down, apologize to your readers, then move on. Next! (that’s the right thing to do).

  20. Whoever

    WTF! This is not news and frankly none of our business. Time to unsubscribe.

  21. Bob

    Paul, I too am surprised by all this negativity and “shock” that you would dare include this subject matter on your blog. This is public information that is about a music industry figure. It is not smearing Ted. It is a newsworthy event. I guess I forgot how sensitive and shielded some of your readers are.

  22. Lee

    I’ve known Ted for years as a colleague and a friend. Right now, I feel as though I’ve invaded his privacy–courtesy of DMN. This site has some interesting actual news bits, some random commentary, and an occasional insight. Posting the personal legal grievances of two individuals, whether or not they’re involved in the music business, fits into none of these categories, and it’s just in poor taste. Apologize to Ted (and Deborah, regardless of what you think of her actions), and stick to writing about music. Please.

  23. Truth

    Ted Cohen has leveraged his fairly credible label career for the sake of self appointment into the arbitrage of digital media. Deborah Sass was central to these efforts for years. That makes the article relevant and business related. Those who can’t see past the romantic angle are missing the meat of the story.

    What I find most telling is that Ted over promised and under delivered for her transaction, just as he has for so many ostensibly cherry picked clients. Ted extracts much and gives little.

    He does this because it’s The Ted Cohen Show, and we’re all just bit players. There’s a theme here.

    Karma indeed.

    • Also Truth

      The “missing meat of the story” is that the lawsuit is full of lies. Her lawyer is in for a rude awakening.

  24. Dick Wingate

    A few hours ago someone posing as me posted some very disparaging remarks about Ted here (which have since been taken down, thanks Paul). Whomever that identity thief is you are welcome to express your views but not under my name. That being said Ted and I have known each other since the 70’s and he is the only person I know who came out of a major record label that has been championing interactive/digital music services longer than I have (1990 for me). We remain on the best of terms even as competitors after collaborating together for several years at TAG.

  25. The REAL Truth

    How could anyone want to sleep with a tart like that, let alone marry her? She is a pig who clearly only wants money and to embarrass this guy. Not only is this not “news,” it’s pure fiction judging by the lawsuit. This woman appears starved for attention just from looking at this story and the TMZ one.

  26. B. Helmet

    Ted is an old friend of mine, and especially my wife. They were in the same business. I’ve been to Ted’s old house many times, and he came to my kid’s Bar Mitzvah. This is nothing but personal BS, and another gold digging girlfriend being dumped. Ahhh, a woman scorned. I hope they toss out this stupid lawsuit quickly, for Ted’s sake. The woman signed nothing; she HAS nothing. That’s the way it goes. I’m also close to Ted’s ex-wife. This has been a sad ordeal for her. Men and women do stupid things in the name of LUST sometime, don’t they? It’s all about the promise of getting laid. Once that gets old, THIS is what happens. Sigh…. Boys and girls… Round and round we go…