Now You Can Embed CD Baby Tracks on Your Blog…

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CD Baby has added customizable audio players to their list of offerings. Artists can use these players to embed songs, albums, or custom playlists on their websites and blogs. Fans can buy the music directly from the embedded players.

Bloggers and fans can also embed these players on their own sites. This feature is similar to Bandcamp and SoundCloud, but artists choose which songs can be streamed in full. If CD Baby gets the Hype Machine to track their players on blogs this feature could become really handy.

There are four different player sizes to choose from, including a full page music store.


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7 Responses

  1. Jeff Robinson

    Anyone get sick of the autoplay video feature available on Facebook in your Newsfeed? No clue why Facebook won’t allow music to do the same thing.

    Musicians would be elated if they could do something similar to market their music.

    If this is capable of Autoplay, this could be quite the revenue generator.

    • Versus

      Actually, I find Autoplay of audio extremely rude. I will close a site or page within a millisecond if it starts to auto play audio, just as I would leave a store where the sales people are too aggressive and pushy. Players should always be opt-in, not opt-out.

  2. Versus

    Presumably this only allows a buy link to the CDBaby store, not to iTunes or other retailers?
    If so, that restriction would severely limit its usefulness. Does anyone actually buy music through the CDBaby store?

    • Nina Ulloa

      If it just directly downloads the track I don’t see what difference it would make

  3. welcome to 2007, CD Baby

    what took you so long to get here? I suppose they wanted to see if this whole website thing was going to take with musicians first.

  4. Aaron

    How are CD Baby intending to pay royalties to songwriters and publishers for the new streaming service?