Same Video Footage. Four Different Types of Music…

The next time you’re watching a film or TV show, consider this.

(Big thanks to Shutterstock for putting this together).

9 Responses

  1. Grumplestiltskin

    If I were a six year old who had never paid attention to sound before this would be fascinating. Great stuff Paul!

  2. so true

    Musicians often forget that TV and film depend on their work. Not the other way around.

    Remember this the next time someone asks you to give a free license “for exposure” or “for the credit”.

  3. Anonymous

    For a company that can show what magic can be done with sound, they should have done some magic on that actress’ skin!

  4. TonsoTunez

    For the true impact … play the video with music …. THEN … play it again with the sound off.

  5. Willis

    People don’t realize how integral music is to set a scene and convey feeling from video. Try watching a movie with the sound turned off and see how interesting or engaging the movie is. Heck, even the old silent films had a live organist to set tone.

  6. Thedenmaster

    This is terrible. None of the music is appropriate for the scene at all. Sorry. Just bad. You would never hear that on tv or a film. It shows why some people can do film work and others can’t.

    • Willis

      While totally true, I don’t think that’s the point of the article.

  7. Michael

    Flashback: when folks saw the hallucination scene in the move ‘THE LOST WEEKEND’, they laughed when it was shown sans music. When the music was added, the scene became horrific.

    Note that video games are a huge source of income for modern composers. Some of the music is amazing.